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satta king 2021 game is the most popular game among all lottery games. It has about three hundred years of history in India. This game is gaining more popularity among the Indians since 1980’s because it provides good returns on investment, especially in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar; two states which are known for their love of betting games.

An average Indian gets one-minute of salary in 30 days, but by playing satta king 2021 game; an Indian can get around INR Rs 0.2 Lacs (two lakhs) in just ten minutes. The best part is that there are no chances of losing the money (only winning).

King satta is not the official owner of the satta king 2021 game, but they deal with it and manage everything related to satta matka. They also provide all necessary statistics to its members on their website without any charges.

However, King satta is not a genuine organization that provides true information about this game. They only provide games to earn money, so they cannot be trusted 100%. But one can expect 95% of the true information from this website.

In India, there are about twenty or thirty satta king leak companies which deal with Satta matka game on a daily basis. Apart from these companies, every year hundreds of new organizations come in this field and try to make money from innocent people.

All these companies provide satta matka game with a different name, but their methods of making money are more or less the same. One of the most popular satta king leak is Sattakatha (5:00 pm daily satta). According to this company, every day there will be one winner who will receive all total amount collected by 5:00 pm. They also provide tips for playing this game on their website, which player can act upon to win this game easily.

Another very popular organization is King satta which provides games like 6 o’clock satta, 7 o’clock satta etc. This game starts at 6 pm and ends at 7 pm, while some games like dream satta (12 o’clock game) starts at 12 am and end at 1 am.

The most popular game among all king sattas is 5:00 pm satta which is also known as day shift. According to this game, one can win maximum amount of money within minimum possible time (ten minutes). There are three types of games in 5:00 pm shift; Jodi game, Single player lottery game and Double Jackpot.

The single player lottery game may give 90% profit or loss 10% of the cost invested by an individual, who tries his luck in this game. This type of lottery allows an Indian to play lottery with group of individuals and win the prize of entire group. The name itself suggests single player, so only one person will get the prize and others will lose their money. This game is also known as 2:1 bet.

The double jackpot type allows an individual to play satta king 2021 with some other individuals; those who invest amounts less than INR Rs 10000 (ten thousand). If two or more groups (three players) select same numbers then they share the total amount equally, if there are four groups then each gets 25% of the total profit and in case of eight players; each group receives 12.5 % profit from the total profit made by third parties. There is no chance of loss here, but one can expect only 90% profit from this satta matka game.

In Jodi satta, seven people play lottery with a specific jodi (pair) of box numbers for five times in a row and the total is divided equally among them if they got same result in all five rounds or else another person plays against the group winner and takes away the prize money. If there is nobody to play against these seven people then king-satta will make pair between participants and take half of the profit. This time there is no chance of loss, but maximum profits are not expected here also.

  • 3:00 pm King Satta – There are two types of 3:00 pm satta; fixed rate and variable rate. In the fixed rate, king-satta gives an interest rate before starting satta, so it is easy for every Indian to calculate chances of their success and play accordingly. While in variable rate, there is no initial rate and people have to play lottery with the amount they invest in this game.
  • King 4:00 pm Satta – King-satta releases two types of 4:00 pm satta; open ended and close ended. Open ended games are those where players can withdraw their investment at any time during or after the game but in case of close ended one has to wait for expiration period (from three months to a year); either way player/investor will get some profit from their investment.

There are more than twenty satta games which an Indian can play, but in all of them one thing is common and that is chance for getting profit/loss.

If an individual plays with his knowledge and gets success in satta king leak then he will be able to get good fortune in his life. According to the Hindu philosophy every man faces ups and downs in his life so by playing such games a person can win much money, fame etc. If one has good numbers which never lose their charm then they should try their luck always for increasing their chances of success. They can also consult Satta matka advisors who are well known professionals of this field; they will provide guidance to player about lucky number or jodi (pair).

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