How to Buy the Best Vintage Costume Jewelry in NJ, USA


Buying the best silver anklets online in NJ isn’t always as easy a task as it may seem to most people. These pieces of jewelry have to be spontaneous to commemorate any special event. In other words, the right piece of jewelry is part of what makes birthdays and anniversary celebrations more special.

Are you interested in adding a piece of vintage costume jewelry to your collection of accessories? Or do you intend to get a vintage gift for your lover to add to their wardrobe? Then, you will find this article helpful as it exposes you to some tips to keep in mind when choosing vintage costume jewelry in NJ, USA.

1. Consider Personality

When buying for yourself, you know what you want to match up your style. You may want to consider the types of jewelry. Check with the color, durability, style, and size as they are capable of influencing your purchase. But if you intend to buy them as gifts, you will need to look out for some of the personalities of your loved ones. They would appreciate gifts that can match their taste and style.

2. Condition

The condition of a vintage jewelry item is so important that you don’t want to take it for granted.  Even when it comes to older pieces, don’t settle for second best. Conditions like missing parts of a piece of jewelry, extremely worn plating, clasps that don’t work well, darkened rhinestones, scratched enamel, and missing stones, are all capable of lowering the value of your vintage piece of jewelry.

3. Quality

If you are looking for the best silver anklets online in NJ but find a bargain piece of low-quality jewelry that you love, you could go ahead and purchase it. But it would make sense to buy vintage costume jewelry of quality. Quality pieces hold a lot of value and wear better over a long period, so ensure you look for signs of quality, including smooth plating, substantial weight, and sparkling stones.

4. Add Extra Touch to Gifts

It’s possible to ask your jewelry dealer for some background information on the piece you intend to purchase. Your request could also include the age of the piece, the designer or manufacturer, the different characteristics and materials used in producing the piece, as well as the background of the former owner, assuming it is known.

Make a copy of the printout on these details and tuck it into the box with the gift. Someone who knows little or nothing about vintage jewelry can know more from the printout, making the piece of jewelry more priceless and meaningful to them. Never hold out on the fun facts of extra touches!


Whether you just want to rock a fashionable look or you intend to buy a gift for a friend who loves to collect jewelry, there are various amazing sites to shop online for quality vintage costume jewelry in NJ, USA. Just choose the right store that will offer the best and quality pieces. Good luck!

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