Fishing in the open sea with friends and family in tow is always fun. It provides you with an opportunity to break free from the monotony of life. While seeking out a fishing trip, there are plenty of options that you will come across. As far as planning for a fishing trip in Queens is concerned, it is equally important to finding a charter that can live up to your expectation.

When it comes to renting a boat for 6 pack charter fishing in Queens, NY, there are few things you must keep in mind. It is about making the right choice since you have a lot of expectations from the trip.

What is a 6-pack charter?

As far as 6 pack charter is concerned, it is a boat that is not permitted to take more than 6 persons on a trip. Because of the small size of the boat and due to the limited number of people on board, it will get you and others to the fishing grounds in a quick time. For instance, if you hire Canyon Lady, the boat is helmed by Capt. Dave, it has got all the latest equipment on board. Besides, the boat has all the gear to help you catch some of the big giants.

Hiring a charter boat makes more sense. Most charter boat captains have the experience and knowledge of how to make the trip a big success. Besides, they are willing to customize their timing in a bid to accommodate the interest of clients. Moreover, the charges levied for hiring the boat are reasonable and don’t hurt your budget.

Type of fish you want to catch

6 packs are ideal for catching and hunting some of the big fish found in the deep waters like marlin, tuna, thresher sharks, and tiger sharks. Using live bait such as quid and fresh fish, you will find success in hunting some of the monsters. You don’t have to bring in any equipment, as the crew will provide all the gears. When it comes to fishing in offshore, a lot depends on the season as well.

Striped Bass Fishing in Nassau County

Reel World Charter also provides charters for striped bass fishing in Nassau County. The guests are provided with all the assistance to hunt Striped Bass using various methods. The focus is completely on allowing the guest to catch what is considered the most prized trophy. As long as the season lasts, trips can be arranged in any combination.  If you are interested and want to have a good time with family harvesting Striped Bass, call Capt. Dave at 516- 858-8247.

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