How to Choose a Professional Factory Demolition Contractor

factory demolition services in Melbourne

While carrying out a new construction on the existing location the structure might become unfit for the intended purpose which may require professional factory demolition services in Melbourne. However, there are various risks and safety measures associated with the demolition of an old structure for the construction workers and adjacent buildings.

Therefore, it is quite essential to hire a professional and qualified factory demolition contractor who would ensure that the process is carried out efficiently, safely and follows the necessary regulations.



Here, are the top 10 factors that you should consider before hiring a demolition contractor for carrying out the demolition of your factory:

  1. Check whether they have the necessary tools and machines or not:

    a professional demolition contractor should always have an extensive range of up-to-date tools and the latest demolition machines in order to perform both residential and commercial demolition projects.

The company should have specialized and well-trained demolition specialists who have complete knowledge of how to use machinery like Brokk robots, crushers, and excavators. Having the required expertise would ensure that the demolition contractors use the correct technology and tools so that you can enjoy high-quality service within the given time frame.


  1. Should know how to remove the hazardous chemicals:

    the demolition tasks may lead to the production of harmful materials as waste which would have to be disposed of safely by the demolition contractors. For eg- the demolition contractors should know how to deal with asbestos if you are demolishing a century-old building to construct a new factory.

Therefore, it is essential to hire an expert who knows the techniques and legalities involved in such projects.


  1. Demolition waste disposal management: demolishing a structure or a complete building will involve a huge amount of debris deposited at the worksite. Hence, hiring a professional contractor will not only benefit you with tearing down the structure safely but will also perform the cleanup process like the removal of dirt, rock, metal bars, concrete pieces, etc before completing their job.


  1. Recovering valuables from the demolition site: there are various valuable things such as doors, steel and windows that could be recovered and recycled by the professionals from the demolition site in some or other way. If the valuables are in a good state, then you can also sell them which would help you to generate some revenue.


  1. Safety management of construction demolition: it is important to check if demolition contractors are safety specialists or not. For this, you will have to discuss about the various strategies and safety measures to be involved during the demolition process before deciding to hire them.


  1. Cost, license and insurance: make sure that you hire a demolition company that is licensed and completely insured to perform construction on an old site. Ask them to quote a suitable price and inform about any additional cost prior to any demolition process. You must also be fully aware about the entire demolition process from site survey to how the wastage would be removed.


  1. Construct a clear plan: establish a proper plan of what you want to achieve before deciding on other factors to hire a demolition contractor as having a clear approach will take you a long way and reduce the risk of any problems later. Also, if you are fully aware you will not be sidetracked and can put your requirements in front of the workers easily.


  1. Compare the quotes: you must ask the contractors to quote different rates so that you can easily compare and analyze it with the prices quoted by other contractors given the amount of expertise they have for the services that are to be performed.


  1. Establish a clear timeline: another important factor is to consider and have clarity of the time frame mentioned by the contractors so that it becomes easier for you to plan out other projects in advance. You must check their previous records to judge if they can complete the task within the deadline or not so that the quality of your work is not compromised.


  1. Look at the amount of experience they have: you must completely analyze and check whether a company has the right amount of experience to perform the demolition process or not. Lack of experience can lead to an increase in your costs which could also affect the timeline.

So, it is advisable to check the previous records, testimonials, and other safety guidelines. Also, look at the reviews and areas of discontent mentioned by their old clients.


Hence, you must lookout for a qualified and skilled factor demolition contractor that will take care of all your requirements with care. We at Mehri Group offer an extensive range of residential and commercial demolition services in Melbourne which will surely make you happy and satisfied with our budget and time guarantee.

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