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How to Choose From the Best Commercial Architects in Shelter Island, NY

commercial architects in Shelter Island

A professional architect turns dreams into reality. The best architect for a commercial project, whether retail space, an office, or a hotel, is the one that provides you with a design that you love and is within your budget.

However, are all architects good enough to plan your project? Also, are architect services in Shelter Island good enough? And, is there a guideline to getting the best architect services in Shelter Island, NY? Read along to find the best approaches for choosing the right architect services for your project.


Qualities of the Best Architect Services in Shelter Island, NY

Below are some things to consider when choosing the right commercial architect in Shelter Island, NY, for your project.

Certification and Experience

The right choice should have a degree from an accredited college to qualify as a professional architect. Architects are rigorously trained for about seven years in the profession. Add that to their certification by the Architects Registration Board, and you have a well-deserving architect by your side.

However, depending on the project’s complexity, you need an architectural firm with a proven track record of excellence.

Location, Licensing, and Insurance Coverage

Different locations have their local building codes and regulations. So if you are building your project in Shelter Island, you need to choose a licensed and insured architect from the best architect services, Shelter Island, NY. The insurance coverage will protect you if problems arise during the project.

Innovative Skills

Ensure the architect or firm is current with the latest digital resources.


How to Find the Best Architect Services in Shelter Island, NY

The Internet

Search the internet for commercial architects in Shelter Island, NY. You can locate the websites of quality architects and their Better Business Bureau ratings. Go through and review the website of each firm that you find.

Ask for recommendations

Chances are that one of your peers or family has had a similar project in the past. Ask them for recommendations. If your friends are in the building or construction sector, you can ask them to recommend the best architects they have worked with. Find out if the architects have repeat clients, listen well to clients and provide a professional service.

Meet with the best three or five architects

Finally, it is time to meet up with your top choices and learn about their work style. To improve your chances of finding the right architect, you have to interview the best prospects. Find out if there are qualities that do not complement yours. Questions you should ask can focus on:

References: Ask for references they have from past clients. Knowing how the architect in question fared in previous projects will guide you to whether they can meet up to time and budget and if working with them will be easy.

Charges: How much will your prospect charge for their architectural services? Ensure you have a detailed understanding of the charges. Inquire about extra charges, and let them in on your budget. This will prevent any future misunderstandings and conflicts.

Communications: if you are going with an architectural firm, it is necessary to know who will be your point of contact from the company. You will frequently be communicating with the person, so they must be a professional rapport and an easy communication flow between you both.

Potential challenges: Find out from the prospects if you will have potential challenges based on your property location or building style you want. Ask the architect for advice on overcoming those issues so that they do not remain as hurdles.

Timeline: An excellent commercial architect will let you know your timeline for the project completion.


The right architect has the skills to handle your project and bring it to a fruitful completion. There are many quality commercial architects in Shelter Island, NY, so finding the best architect services is not much of a problem. One of them is Jeff Architect. Jeff Architect has been creating professional designs for clients in New York and Toronto for some time. His mission is to exceed clients’ expectations by providing creative solutions to their needs. Consult Jeff Architect today.

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