Military Ball Dress In 2022

Military ball, one of the biggest formal galas, comes up with a chance for military wives and dates to dress up to the nines. But it is not just it! The event is filled with alcohol, laughter, food, and dancing, making it a rocking social gathering for military men and women.

However, it is still a mystery to many. Dates or spouses of army persons who have never been to the ball feel confused and often come with a question – “what to wear at the Military ball?”

The process of planning military ball dresses is indeed hard, especially for first-time attendees. Yet, it is a lot of fun! On the other hand, if you are already a big-time fashionista, you will automatically find one or more ways to dress like a queen for a military ball and throw sass around like confetti.

Here’s what you should know!

What To Wear At Military Ball?

The military ball falls into the category of formal white tie event. Where men dress up in blue or Class A uniforms, women get a chance to adorn princess-style military ball gowns and dresses.

The Perfect Dress Styles For Military Ball

Ball Gown

The beloved woman of a military man is no less than a queen! If you feel the same way and wish to show off your royalty at the bash, marine ball gowns with flares and ruffles can help. Pair the military ball gown with statement heels and elegant makeup to look like a dream.

Ball Gown


Here comes the most versatile dress style! You can pick a-line dresses for military balls irrespective of your body shape. By elevating your curves and waist, this chic style will help you appear fetchingly flattering in the crowd.

a-line dresses for military balls

Form-Fitting Gowns

Women with hourglass figures can wholeheartedly go for form-fitting styles, be it sheath, bodycon, or mermaid. As they hug tight to the body, they help you bring out your inner stunner, making you a showstopper of the night.

Form-Fitting Gowns

The Right Dress Length Matters

Apart from the style of military corp ball gowns and dresses, hemline plays a big role in creating perfect formal vibes. Dresses with knee-length or floor-length hemlines are considered a suitable ensemble for this big night.

Anything above-knee length is semi-formal and is not fit to doll up for a white tie Military ball. 

Choose The Charming Color

The right color adds a seamless tinge of glitz and glamour to a special occasion look, and you already know that! Though there are no specific rules regarding dress colors for military balls, we suggest you go for dark shades to shine bright at night.

The bold and beautiful royal blue, black and red military ball dresses are all-time perfect picks. You can also stick to gold or silver sparkle in the form of sequin and metallic dresses for a sizzling appearance. 

 military ball dresses

Closing Words

The military ball is one of a kind. As it isn’t your usual bash, you ought to choose exclusive military ball dresses to cut a dash. Are you ready for it now? We bet you are! So wait no more and start shopping for your best-loved military ball gown or dress to live up to your fashion dreams.

Make way for magic at the Military Ball!

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