How to Choose Unique Engagement Rings with Gemstones?

teal sapphire engagement ring Vancouver

Engagement rings are a unique token to show your love and affection towards the person you plan to spend your life with. Today, there are so many options for engagement rings, and one can find it very overwhelming to choose the perfect engagement ring for their significant other.

Choosing a ring for your engagement can be a daunting task.

Here are some options you can consider for unique engagement rings with gemstones.

1) Sapphire Engagement Rings

A teal sapphire engagement ring in Vancouver for women is a unique option. If you are planning to get engaged this year, make sure that you choose a ring with a sapphire stone.

Sapphires symbolize wisdom and truth, so a sapphire engagement ring is a perfect choice for a long-lasting relationship. The color blue represents loyalty and peace. The stone is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which stands for curiosity and truth-seeking.

2) Baguette Ring

Baguettes cut in a lowercase ‘e’ are perfect for stacking rings. This ring can be worn with any band. If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, you should consider this band.

Baguette-cut bands also offer balanced proportions and an asymmetrical design so that you can wear them with other ring styles.

3) Diamond Ring with Side Stones

If you like diamond engagement rings but are unsure of the style, you should consider a ring with side stones. Classic engagement rings with a rose-cut diamond in Vancouver are perfect for your special day.

Diamonds are associated with clarity, purity, and perfection. So what could be a better stone to show your love and affection towards someone?

4)  Oprah Style Band

If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, you should consider the Oprah style band. These bands offer perfect balance and proportion. If you want to wear a ring for your special day, choose one with an Oprah-style band.

Oprah-style bands offer polished and smooth surfaces so that you can wear them with any ring.

5) Ruby Ring

If you are thinking about engagement rings for your special day, think of having one with a ruby stone. Rubies symbolize love and passion. They are the perfect ring style to express your love for someone.

If you want a unique engagement ring, consider a ruby engagement ring.

6) Diamond Solitaire Ring

If you are looking for a ring that stands out, try the diamond solitaire with a twist. Solitaries are perfect for those who want a unique engagement ring.

You can wear diamond solitaires on your own or with other rings. If you’re looking for unique rings, you should consider this band.


You can choose your engagement ring with any stone you want. However, if you are looking for unique rings, look at these options before shopping for a ring.

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