These days eyelash extensions are in trend in the beauty industry. With the help of eyelash extension, you can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. You can enhance your natural beauty with eyelash extensions and save time on your daily makeup routine. Eyelash extensions are strands of synthetic lashes (PBT), which have been customized to add an extra layer of volume. These are similar to synthetic lashes and are applied smoothly to the natural lashes with the help of adhesive glue.

Lash extensions hold a natural curl. Your lash stylist can customize your lash extensions according to your preferences. If you want a more dramatic look, you can create more pronounced curls for your classic or volume lash extensions. You can get the Best Eyelash Extensions Chicago at affordable prices. Following the dos and don’ts of maintaining your lash extensions is essential for long-lasting results. These quick tips will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Should you curl your extensions?

We recommend that you don’t curl your lash extensions. Eyelash extensions are made from thermoplastic synthetic fibers that are called PBT. These fibers are manufactured with special equipment to create permanent curls. When eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes, it becomes challenging to re-curl your extensions at home.

Natural eyelashes are fragile; if you do so, you risk damaging your extensions and even your natural lashes. With that said, there are a few ways to give dramatic curls to your lashes without causing significant damage.

Using a Mechanical Curler

Traditional curlers are metallic tools suffused with silicone or rubber pads. These curlers are too harsh on your eyelash extensions. If you use an improper tool on your eyelash extension, that can lead to infection and damage. If your curler is hot, you risk interfering with the adhesive glue.

You should replace rubber pads from your curler. If the pad is not in good condition, then you could accidentally remove your eyelash extensions. No matter how high-quality or expensive, your curling tool is, you always lead the risk of damage to your extensions as they tug and pull your eyelash extensions.

A heated lash curler is a way to go if you decide to curl your eyelashes. These heated lash curlers are specially designed to run on electricity and help you in gently heat your extensions. Unlike mechanical curlers, they work gently on your eyelashes. As a result, they reduce the risk of additional pressure, squeezing, or pulling. You will find that some silicone heated curlers have silicone heating pads on both sides. These curlers have temperature control settings and LED lights for a better view.

The temperature you use depends on the lashes’ volume, strength, and size. Although heated lash curlers can be expensive, they are the safest way to curl your extensions at home. The temperature you use depends on the lashes’ strength, volume, and size. Although heated lash curlers can be expensive, this is only the safest way to curl your extensions at home.

How to use a Heated Eyelash Curler

    • The very first step is to clean your eyelashes.
    • Use a comb or lash wand to detangle your eyelashes so that no knots are visible.
    • Allow eyelashes to dry completely before curling.
    • Avoid placing the curler too close to the base of your extensions to prevent any damage to the lash bond. Instead, press your lashes onto the curling pad while simultaneously brushing them through with your curling wand.
    • You can manipulate the lash curler according to your preference to get your desired look.
    • Hold the heat for three to ten seconds to lock the curl in place.
    • Repeat the process if needed to create a perfect curl.

Should You Get a Lash Lift or Perm with Eyelash Extensions?

Lash perming is very similar to hair perming. Specific tools and chemical solutions are used to make make your natural eyelashes permanently curled. An adverse reaction occurs when the chemical perming solution comes in contact with your lash adhesive. We are against lash lifts and lash perms when you have extensions because they can lead to premature shedding.

The Bottom Line

If you curl your eyelash extension at home, then it will decrease the longevity of your investment and cause damage to your natural lashes and eyelash extensions. Choosing Linxia Beauty Works for eyelash extensions in Chicago, IL, is a good idea. Their experienced and professional lash specialists can customize your eyelash extension to your preference and style.

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