How to Find Right Self Storage Facilities near Brighton

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Don’t we all love organized living spaces, minimalistic aesthetics, and spacious offices? The only thing that comes in the way is the shortage of space. Almost everyone faces a lack of space at some point in life. With fast fashion clothes, online shopping, changing trends, and exciting discounts, we all are bound to run out of space faster than we might anticipate. 

The people of Brighton are especially searching for formidable self storage Brighton companies that offer storage facilities at affordable prices. People usually live in rented apartments that are often small and don’t have much storage space. If you, too, are in the middle of a space shortage and have no idea how to tackle it, self-storage units are the best bet for you. 

Self-storage companies facilitate people with all kinds of needs and requirements. Residents of Brighton have lots of reliable storage units. With a plethora of storage companies in the market, all with affordable prices and excellent services, it can get hard to determine what is right for you. 

We recommend you make a list of your requirements and choose a storage company that matches best with it, it may take some time to land the perfect match, but it will be worth it in the end. If you are short on time and looking for a storage unit urgently, luckily some storage companies cater to people exactly like that. The storage market is very saturated, with lots of options to choose from, so let’s get started in your search for the perfect self storage Brighton facility. 

How to Find Right Self Storage Facilities near Brighton

There are hundreds of storage companies operating in London, with great service and brilliant amenities. So how will you determine what’s right for you? By listing your requirements and matching the storage facility to them, let’s cover all the essential bases. 


Prices of storage units depend mostly on real estate prices, demographic income ratio, student demands, and housing conditions. If you want to increase your storage space at a low cost, you should first set a budget. Set a monthly budget that you are comfortable paying every month. 

Brighton is generally not an expensive place, but real estate prices might seem steep. If renting a storage unit is far cheaper than moving into a bigger home, you should go for it. You can log on to comparison shopping websites exclusively for storage units and search out the cheapest self storage Brighton facilities in your locality. 


Another thing to be considered while searching for the right storage unit is its size. People mostly don’t do appropriate research on the storage facilities recommendation. We suggest you take matters into your own hands and look for a storage unit size that matches your requirements. 


If you rent a storage unit for eight to 10 boxes, a 12sqft storage unit will be perfect for you. If you want to place your household stuff in a one-bedroom apartment, a 25sqft storage unit will be ideal in your case. If you are looking for a commercial storage option we will recommend getting a 400sqft storage unit to act as a storage warehouse for you. 

The right storage unit will be of, and perfect size, it should be able; to hold all your stuff while leaving some wriggle room. You should also account for some extra space if you need it in the future. 


Another reason people prefer to rent out storage units is the fact that storage facilities are extremely safe and highly secure. Given the time we are living in, you should look for a storage facility that provides more than a padlock and key. There are plenty of self-storage Brighton facilities that provide high-security storage units at affordable prices. 

Go for a storage unit with an added security layer in terms of CCTV surveillance, guarded entry and exit points, and an indoor storage facility. If you think your stuff is extremely valuable, you can also get liability insurance cover for your storage unit. There are insurance companies that provide storage insurance at great prices. 

If you have valuable and expensive stuff like family heirlooms, collectables, and memorabilia, we recommend you search for storage facilities that offer storage lockers and maximum security storage options. 


Location of the storage unit is far more important than some people may think. Whether renting a storage unit long-term or short-term, its location should be easily accessible. Gone are the days when storage facilities used to be far from residential areas. You can now get your storage unit in your locality as well. 

We recommend getting a storage unit less than an hour away from your house, or it should be between your daily commute. Renting a storage unit is not a one-time thing, you have to make a couple of trips fetching or putting some more stuff in it. According to a survey, people make more use of their storage unit if it is not far away.

You can make a quick search on the internet for your nearest self storage Brighton Company and check out their price list and storage sizes. You will be able to make the right decision once all the cards are laid in front of you. 


Since now we have covered all the basics of a perfect storage unit, let us dwell more on what makes a storage facility stand out from the rest. Check out all the amenities offered by storage companies, whether they have climate-controlled storage units or not. Ask around whether the storage company offers to pick and drop-off facilities. 

If price, location, and size are sorted, go into details like drive-up parking, padlock, and accessibility. Since you are going to transport boxes, look for a storage facility that has ramps, trolleys, elevators, etc., for ease of transportation. 

No matter how perfect a storage unit may seem and how cheap it costs, always take time to look around the hygienic conditions of the storage facility. Always check for molds, fungus, or seepage; if you see any signs, skip the storage facility and go for the next one. 

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