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Finding the right steering wheel cover and floor mat is essential for your car. This does not only improve the looks of your vehicle but also provides many protective functions. Your steering wheel cover will be responsible for protecting your hands on a warm sunny day, helping you grip the wheel in a firm manner, enhance your safety and finally, your steering wheel cover design expresses your individuality.

Steering wheel covers come in many types and are made of many materials.

Types of steering wheel covers

Leather covers

The reason people prefer leather covers is because they are very resistant to weather changes. They are also breathable and provide an excellent grip. However, in the case of leather, the color choices are very minimal.

Synthetic covers

Synthetic steering wheel covers include PU leather and microfiber leather. These are similar to leather, but they do not last long. If you are looking for cute steering wheel covers, a synthetic cover should be your choice.

Cloth covers

These are made of faux cloth. These are designed for people who like to have their hands warm when driving the car. These are also available in many colors

Wooden covers

Wooden covers are very attractive and look very elegant. These are basically custom fits.

Rubber covers

Rubber covers offer you an extra grip on the steering wheel. They are also resistant to all weather changes.

After the steering wheel cover, you should look for the floor mat for your car. You must first focus on whether you want a single piece type or a multi-piece-based solution. A multi-piece solution will allow you to clean only those parts which have become dirty or soiled. These can be easily taken out of the car without any issue. Contrary to the multi-piece type solution, in the case of single-piece mats, you cannot take them out since they are attached to the car with strong anchoring points.

Once you’ve decided this, it is time you move on to deciding the material to be used for the mats. Most mats are made of carpeting material or rubber material. Plastic mats are also available, but they get soiled very easily.

Next, focus on the durability of the mats. Most mats are designed to last, but not all mats are the same. Therefore, look for the one which suits your needs and meets your expectations.

Nowadays, custom-made mats are also available. These are an amazing option if you are looking for pink car mats. Whether you opt for carpet or rubber-based matting, you must remember the effort needed to cut it and match it to the flooring of your car. This aspect is what you must focus on when buying car mats.

Finally, you have to decide on your usage, your lifestyle, how much attention you are ready to give to the aesthetics and finally, your budget. These are the criteria that will decide the type of floor mat you choose for your car.

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