How To Maintain Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs

Washing and cleaning your medical or nursing scrubs might seem like a mundane task, but it is actually an essential part of being a nurse or medical professional. You don’t want to be known as the nurse, doctor, or surgeon with scruffy-looking or stained scrubs. As a medical professional, your scrubs are exposed to various bacteria and stains, so washing them properly is an excellent way to ensure that you and your family stay in good health. Whether you’re a practicing nurse or still in nursing school, having clean scrubs is necessary and can help you build a good reputation at the hospital. Apart from presenting a good appearance, cleaning your scrubs will promote your safety and that of others around you from cross-contamination and the spread of various bacteria present in the hospital. Scrubs can be stained and worn out easily. However, you can buy healing hand scrubs for long-lasting, quality scrubs.

For nurses on a strict budget, long-lasting scrubs are a must. For your scrubs to last for an extended period, you must maintain them properly. It would help if you were extra careful when disinfecting and reconditioning your scrubs to avoid bleaching them or making the colors fade out. There are scrubs for men and scrubs for women. However, there is no difference in the maintenance of male or female scrubs, but maintenance depends on the fabric or material of the scrubs. Before reporting for your next shift, you must disinfect your scrubs for safety and protection.

Here are a few steps you can take to care of your scrubs.

• Pre-treat your medical scrubs

Don’t rush to wear your scrubs just after buying them; you should wash them first before wearing them. Using cold water and a half cup of vinegar, wash them separately to improve the color of the scrubs and prevent fading. Doing this helps preserve the color and appearance of your scrubs, making them last for a long period. It will also preserve them through the harshness of disinfection. If your scrubs are not re-treated before disinfection, they are at risk of fading and getting worn out.

• Keep your scrubs for work

Scrubs must be maintained by keeping them clean and disinfected to ensure that it’s safe and appropriate to wear to work. It is vital to save your scrubs for work only. It is not advisable to wear your scrubs anywhere other than your workplace to avoid passing germs and bacteria to other people and your family. You should wear your scrubs when you get to your workplace and remove them there before going elsewhere. It is not a good idea to eat while wearing your scrubs. Keep your clean scrubs in an airtight bag to protect them from bacteria before your next shift.

• Treat your scrubs like VIP and wash them separately

Your scrubs aren’t like your regular garment and should be treated like VIPs. It is best to wash your scrubs separately from other clothes to avoid washing colors and mixing fabric. Scrubs generally require more disinfecting than other clothes. It is advisable to own more than one pair of scrubs so you can alternate, thereby prolonging the life of each scrub. Buy healing hand scrubs

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