How to Make CBD Gummies


Cannabidiol or CBD is currently one of the most popular cannabinoids among patients, scientists, and healthcare professionals. This is mostly due to a whole lot of beneficial properties CBD can bring to our health.

You can buy Cbd gummies near me in different amounts in all cannabis strains. However, hemp strains are often the ones that contain higher amounts of it. Moreover, CBD is totally edible, and it can deliver all of its effects just as well as it was smoked or consumed through any other method.

CBD gummies are really easy to get as many different brands are selling a lot of different types of CBD gummies. However, very few things can beat the experience of making your own exotic berry hemp flower san Diego since you can make sure all ingredients you are using are completely natural, and it also gives you the chance to choose the exact flavor and quantity of CBD you want into the mixture. So, if you are now wondering what would be the best, easiest, and budget-friendly way of making this complimentary snack for your CBD treatments, here you got a quick and straightforward step-by-step guided recipe to make your own and tasteful CBD Gummies.

CBD Gummy Recipe

The process of making your own CBD gummies is very simple. If you already have your CBD oil or tincture, just with a quick visit to your local grocery store, you could get the rest of the ingredients needed to accomplish this recipe. This is what you will exactly need.


    • CBD oil
    • 1 tablespoon of raw honey or your preferred sweetener
    • 1 package of gelatin. You can choose any flavor (unflavored gelatin recommended)
    • 1.5 cups of natural fruit juice


    • Pour the juice and sweetener into a saucepan over medium to low heat and blend them.
    • Once heated (not boiling), slowly whisk in the gelatin. Continue until it’s dissolved and the mixture is smooth.
    • Add your homemade CBD oil with your preferred dosage. Usually, 1mL of 500mg oil will provide 16.6mg of CBD. Make sure the mixture is not boiling when you add your oil since the heat can damage its properties.
    • Use a spoon, funnel, or squeeze bottle to fill a gummy silicone mold with your mixture. In case you don’t have a mold, use any container and cut to size when the mixture is set.
    • Refrigerate until set.

Once your gummies have a perfect consistency, they are ready to enjoy. Store them in a glass container away from direct sunlight. You can take them anywhere you want to from now on, enjoying the benefits of CBD.

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