How To Make Money Through Fashion Blog

How To Make Money Through Fashion Blog
How To Make Money Through Fashion Blog

In this article, we will provide practical basic steps for those of you who want to become a successful fashion blogger. Just read on to find out how to make money from a blog, here!

Buy Your Own Domain, Find Good and Unique Domains

We advise you not to start your blog on Tumblr or Blogger. This is not a great way to earn money if you want your blog to make money. These two CMS are actually promotional tools for your main blog or website.

If you want to really grow your brand and run a business from your fashion blog, you’ll need to buy your own domain name and cheap hosting. Get started with the WordPress CMS. Most fashion bloggers do it this way.

Then how to determine the domain? Read the article Tips for Choosing a Domain Name to get to know what a domain is and how to choose the best domain for your fashion blog.

Besides that, how do you buy it and choose the right hosting provider for your website? Not always expensive hosting is definitely good for your needs. There are many factors you have to consider including storage and how to move/migrate hosting from your free WordPress later. So, try reading the article How to Choose the Best Hosting.

Find out what’s good about you as a fashion blogger icon

You really need to find out what makes you different from the millions of other fashion bloggers. How do you know your uniqueness and strengths? Here are some things you can do!

Present Yourself As a Brand

You will be the face of your blog. This definitely makes you have to pay attention to how you want to appear and whether it will be interesting for people to follow. However, our advice, be yourself. Every type of work of art must have an audience, so say the leading artists. So, try not to focus solely on the wants of the market.

Tell Your Story

You can try to tell me why you wrote this blog, why people should read it, and tell your other story even if it is really very long though.

People like to be big fans and follow a figure when they feel connected/related. This is the human psyche that you actually need to know about content marketing. Read on for more Content Marketing Strategies to learn more about them.

Try Doing Strong and Different Branding

Your brand isn’t just your logo – it’s everything you do, your identity. This will be everything people think of you. Make sure your name, logo, design, and style are all connected and they can all work in sync to make your blog look unique.

Dare to Take Risks

You need to take risks with your content. Talk about the things that matter to you – don’t just try to be like everyone else. As we said before, try to be yourself.

Create Content With SEO In Mind

After your website is ready and has started running, do not rush to type / write and immediately publish. Successful fashion bloggers know that it takes hard work, creativity, and thoroughness in content until it is finally ready to be posted to the public. Blog experts and well-known bloggers even at the beginning took 6-8 hours to produce 1000-2000 words in one of their posts.

In addition, you certainly want to have a lot of readers? Well, it’s impossible for people to go directly to your website. Usually, internet users search on Google with certain keywords. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

Commonly abbreviated as SEO, bloggers must know the Most Updated Complete SEO Guide. Why? Because Google updates its algorithm hundreds of times a year, you should always update anything that will affect your website’s page ranking on Google so that people can more easily find your blog’s fashion content.

Expand Your Social Network, Manage Your Social Media

Try to get to know your readers, whoever they are, and also make friends with other bloggers who are already much better than you. These people may be able to help you reach the pinnacle of success.

It also means you’re growing your network and that means you also need to be active on places like Google+ and the various other social media you have.

Well, for social media development, you must know the basics of social media marketing. Of course, you want your social media to be maximized to help direct millions of followers to your fashion blog.

Examples of Successful Famous Fashion Bloggers

Here are some examples of successful fashion bloggers that can be an inspiration:

Sonia Eryka

For those of you who are fashion lovers from Indonesia, you must be familiar with the name Sonia Eryka. Sonia is a fashion blogger and celebrity who is quite famous in Indonesia. Starting from his hobby of designing clothes for himself to wear, it continued until he created a personal blog. In addition, he also uploads the results of his works on Instagram.

So initially, because many of his friends were interested in the clothes he made, he opened a fashion business. The advantages of the style he has been creative and “fresh”. He likes to experiment with old styles and create his own unique style.

In several reports in online media, he also revealed that his inspiration was not only from fashion magazines but also from the music and films he liked.

Aimee Song

Aimee Song is a popular fashion blogger on an international scale. He has been recognized everywhere as a well-known influencer. According to news circulating, Song can even make 9 million dollars with one type of partnership/paid promotion.

He was included on the Forbes list in 2016 and his book, “Capture Your Style” has entered The New York Times Best Selling book list.

In addition to blogs, he also uses various other media channels such as Youtube and Instagram as a way to earn money. He is also diligent in vlogging on his YouTube Channel.

She has now become an ambassador for major fashion brands in the world such as Chloe, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Dior, and Revolve. He also had time to even collaborate with a brand to sell sunglasses, finally, in just 22 minutes, they were all sold out.


Those are some steps you can take and some inspiration to become a successful fashion blogger. I hope this article will help you in growing your business!

As an international quality VPS provider, we are committed to your online success. Continue to follow our blog to get a variety of informative content that is interesting and certainly useful for the development of your business.

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