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Shampoos are hair products to maintain and improve hair beauty. These are the need of every person for hygienic management of hair, and everyone uses this routinely. Therefore, shampoo is a necessity for the public. Contemporarily shampoos are made to improve the well-being of hair in addition to cleaning. Big companies offer shampoo based on the hair type. They also offer shampoos with specific ingredients which are helpful to people for the maintenance of hair. There are also some specialized shampoos, for example, shampoo for kids, shampoo for colored hair, and even for animals. These specialized shampoos are made according to the demand of users. Consequently, all varieties of the product come in different packaging. The latest trend for the packaging of these hair products is custom printed shampoo boxes.

Steps to make custom printed shampoo boxes:

There is quite a tough competition in the toiletries market. Therefore, the producers are stuck with the issue of bringing the product successfully to the market. Hence to make a product more well-known, people have started going for customized things. For this, one needs to make a brand-new design for packaging. This fresh idea will make product packaging unconventional and attractive. Hence to create custom printed shampoo boxes, follow these steps:

Select the central material of the box:

The selection of the suitable primary material of the box is very crucial. You can select based on your preference. There are many materials to use for making the packaging of shampoo. Traditionally cardboard is used to make the packaging material. Recently, for people interested in unique packaging, there are some other options. These are the metalized sheets and environment-friendly cardboards. The metalized sheet are shiny foils, available in two primary colors, golden and silver. On the other hand, the environment-friendly boxes are biodegradable and recyclable materials. Such as Kraft and Bux board. One can select whatever material that best fits the preference of the person.

Shampoo Packaging Boxes

Customize the shape style:

The shampoo boxes do not have to be large boring boxes. The packaging shape can be fashioned in many styles. Custom printed shampoo boxes of different shapes will make the packaging attractive. You can also create window cuts in the box that showcase shampoo directly. Moreover, one can design the upper end of the package into a hanging handle. This style will facilitate to showcase of the product in hanging style.

Make size fitting for the product:

Shampoos are available in many sizes. They differ in the amount sold, such as 200ml, 300ml, or 1000ml. Therefore, due to different sizes of bottles, the size of boxes also varies. Hence one can create different styles of the box according to the size of the product. Make the box design that best fits its size. For small boxes, the size of the packaging is small. Accordingly, it is easier to manipulate and can have some unique pattern. Whereas making the larger box stand. Further, these different size boxes will look amazing on display. A varying style for each size will be a market attraction.

Choose a theme:

One can create a unique color theme for the custom printed packaging boxes. The packaging will look engaging and pleasant in a suitable theme. For this, you have to choose the color according to the type of shampoo. To design a theme, select a color palette that is not irritating for the eyes. For the children’s shampoos, go with baby color themes, such as pinkish and light bluish. Whereas for animal shampoo, select colors that are attractive for the animal owners.

Create a specific design for packaging:

The most brainstorming work in custom-printed shampoo boxes is creating an appropriate design for the packaging. Design is the final work that would determine the visual output of the box. Therefore, a significant amount of time must be invested in it. In this, we have to select a design that goes with the decided color theme of the box. In the design, include a space for the description of the product. The products’ name must be written in a stylish but readable font. There is also the alternative of using a picture that could go on top of the packaging.

Get it printed out on the box:

After selecting material, size, shape, theme, and design, the final step is to get the packaging printed out. This step is crucial as this will get the final production of all the effort. Forward everything for printing after careful brainstorming that all fits in its place. Otherwise, the product could get ruined.

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