How to Pick the Best Beach Towel?


Do you remember the last time you bought a new beach towel? Your old towels can be a breeding ground from bacteria and germs, and after some time, the absorbency might not be as good as it was the day you bought the towel. Even if your towel has lasted a long time, it’s a good idea to restock this beach essential for the sake of your health.

However, if you search to Buy Affordable Towel Online in the USA or anywhere, the number of options that may pop up can be overwhelming. Besides size and color, there is an array of fabrics to choose from, and it is the most challenging part. If you are not sure what to choose, cotton can be an ideal choice because of the versatility it offers and how well it absorbs water.

Cotton is a natural fiber used to produce a large variety of towels, which can be distinguished by how they are woven. Ring spinning is a popular process in which cotton fibers are converted into yarn. But before the actual process begins, the cotton may be combed to eliminate the weed, dirt, and weaker fibers.

There is also a carding process that further removes the shorter fibers and aligns the rest, so they are parallel to each other and feel smoother. From here, the production process of making the spun yarn lustrous and stronger will begin, which in turn results in a durable and soft towel. Each of these steps impacts the overall quality of the towel.

Things to look for in a beach towel?

Generally, you want something soft with high absorbency yet able to dry quickly. It should also withstand all the elements that come along with water on a beach, including sand and the sun. Many people pick a Turkish towel. However, it’s soft and dries quickly; the lightweight build may not be able to lend itself well as a barrier against the sandy surface. So a thicker towel may be a better bet.

Size is also an important consideration when Buy Affordable Towel Online. Most beach towels usually measure 30X60, but larger towels are also available if you require a larger surface area. Your towel should be large enough to be wrapped around you comfortably. If you are someone who enjoys visiting beaches often, it’s best to buy a towel in a large size.

How to care for your beach towels?

  • Skip using fabric softeners when washing as they may leave residue in the fibers of your towel, making it less absorbent.
  • Put a cupful of vinegar in the wash with your towels once a month, as vinegar helps remove the soap residue and body oils, leaving the towel smelling fresh.
  • Don’t iron your towels because ironing may crush the fabric’s loops, making them less absorbent and less soft.

Additional tip from us

So your bag is packed, and you are doing a final check whether you have packed everything you’ll need for your beach trip? We bet you have already had some stylish and comfortable pair of clothes in your bag but did you pack a polo shirt? A polo shirt is something ideal for summers due to its excellent absorbency and coolness. Moreover, they look incredibly stylish.

So after swimming, when you want to explore the beach by walking with your friends or partner, a polo shirt will offer you optimum comfort and ease of movement. You can either tuck or untuck your polo shirts, depending upon the occasion. Tucking in will provide you with a more formal look, while untucking will appear more casual. If you are looking to buy Affordable Polo Shirts Online in the USA, many companies are offering them in a vibrant range of colors. For beaches, you may like to pick light shades as darker shades absorb the most heat. Besides that, lighter shades will also look great on a beach surrounded by lush green trees and a serene sea.

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