How To Properly Care For a Cotton Hoodie


Hoodies are a popular piece of soft, warm, comfortable and durable,100 percent cotton sweatshirts with hoods. You can wear them whichever combination you want. Be it a coat with a hoodie, a bomber jacket with a hoodie, a denim jacket with a hoodie, or a parka jacket with a hoodie. Just by owning a few cotton hoodies may it be zip-up or pullover ones, you can already go on with your day in a swift and easy way since this type of clothing is a closet staple everyone should have.

Sweatshirts have evolved from being dubbed as “loose-fitting garments for working out” and have become this fashion essential item to keep looking smart and yet with a dash of devil-may-care effect. However versatile hoodies are, if you don’t know how to care for your own cotton hoodie, it will never last long the way it should be. Although 100% cotton-made is a low-maintenance fabric, they still require proper care to prevent shrinking in the wash or wrinkling in the dresser. Whether you wash your hoodie with a washer and dryer or by hand, knowing how to care for them properly will keep them soft and comfy for the years to come.

Wear It Multiple Times

Before you even decide to wash your hoodie, make sure you have used it multiple times this week already. And if you’ve only worn it a couple of times, try to hang it after each wearing and don’t leave it on the floor to avoid the bacteria and other germs that might be on the floor from sticking on the fibers of your favorite cotton hoodie. Most likely, you’re going to wear a shirt under your hoodie especially on colder days so, washing it often won’t make any sense unless it’s heavily soiled or if you were extra sweaty that day from running outside.

Separate Colors

If you have finally decided to wash it after multiple uses, check the label if it’s washer-friendly. If your hoodie is made with 100% cotton, then you won’t have any problem loading it into the washer. Make sure you have separated the colors from whites though, you don’t want to waste a good piece of hoodie for this type of rookie mistake. This is to prevent color transfer, another way of making your hoodie last a little bit longer.

Use Cool Water

Using cool water and a regular laundry detergent to wash your hoodie to help keep its original look for many years to come. If you use hot water in washing your hoodie, chances are they will shrink, throwing away a piece of good quality clothing. Turn your hoodie inside-out so you won’t damage any prints or embroidery in the front, do not forget to pull the hood and sleeves out after turning it inside-out so they will also be cleaned thoroughly.

More importantly, get your 100% cotton-made hoodie from a brand well-known for its quality products—Just Sweatshirts. Don’t let any elements ruin your best hoodie and try to do the above-mentioned, very basic things to help keep it last longer. For questions about how else you could maintain the brand-new quality of your hoodie, call Just Sweatshirts at 1-866-888-587.

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