How to properly Inhale weed

Inhale weed

Knowing the art of inhaling weed could come in handy for newbies cannabis lovers. The inhalation techniques for marijuana have the same basic principles, which may vary slightly. This depends on whichever you are going for. It can be the regular joint smoking, hitting a bong, or using a vape.

If joint smoking is your choice, you must know you are burning marijuana and inhaling the smoke to deliver cannabinoids THC into your bloodstream. To become a pro at this, start your first few draws with shallow inhalations and subsequently draw more deeply as you progress.

To smoke your joint perfectly, this is an effective technique to ensure your windpipes absorb the maximum amount of THC in a draw. It would help if you slowly inhaled about a half of your joint and you take up a deep inhaled gulp of fresh air.

This fresh air will push the cannabis smoke down into the lungs, and more THC will be absorbed into your body. Holding your inhale breath for long might not be necessary because the THC and other cannabinoid effects may act as good dilators to the bronchioles, which gives more room for airflow absorption in the lungs.

Hitting a bong is another cool and creative way of how to inhale weed. Bongs are so creative to make if you want to really spice up your pot sessions. To have a perfect bong, a stem must have a bowl at the end. This helps you make use fruits or any simple material around you like apple, oranges, cans or toilet paper rolls. Fill the bowl with your weed, light it up, and then start inhaling the smoke from the stem.

All you need when trying hitting a bong is where to place your weed and a hole to suck your smoke through. When inhaling from a bong, always take in a deep fresh breath after like three smoke and suck for rapid absorbent of THC into your body for the desired high feel.

Another proper way to have a good inhale of marijuana is through a vape or vaporizer. This is an electronic gadget used for inhaling nicotine. It comes in sizes and at different power levels. It is very much handy and portable. It could easily fit into a waist bag.

This vaporizer uses nicotine liquid called vape juice or e-juice with different flavours. To know how it works, simply get your vape and your favourite e-juice, read the manual that comes with it, and you are good to go. It is not complex to use, especially when following the manual pictorial instructions.

Compared with smoking weed, vaporizing cannabis is far less harsh on the windpipes and the lungs, but there is a report with this method that there is a high intensity of cannabinoids THC feel in consumers’ body. It is also noted that cannabis vaporizes at a much lower temperature than its burning temperature. This means preserved cannabinoids THC in marijuana are faster lost in combustion.

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