How To Remove Silicone From Floor?

remove silicone from floor

If you are thinking of renovating your garage or some other room in your home, but have not thought through how to remove silicone lube for floor safety reasons, then you should. It is extremely dangerous to allow children or pets to play on a floor that has silicone lube in it. It is also a choking hazard. In fact any product containing this chemical must be shelved in the highest possible temperature restrictions. There are many different products out there that will not harm your family, but it is always best to take precaution when using any chemical in a household.

When I found out that using the natural ingredients in Mother Nature’s own oils is a great way to remove the oil from concrete and prevent accidents such as this, I was thrilled. So I went online and began my search for a safe and effective floor protection product. What I discovered was mind blowing. Not only are there a number of great products out there, but they work and they are all safe and easy to use!

Easy To Use Remove Silicone

One of the first products that I discovered was a safe non caustic product that can be used to melt away the oil. It’s easy to apply and all you need is some common household items. I have used these items such as peanut butter, olive oil, corn syrup, and even apple sauce with great success. These are all natural products so you don’t have to worry about them being toxic or anything. If you are looking for how to remove silicone from floor then you can read our post on it. Just simply mix them together and apply them to the floor like you are doing any other application.

Another safe and effective way to remove the unwanted oil is to make your own natural cleanser. For starters, all you need is grapefruit seed extract. Simply mix it together and apply it to the floor like any other cleanser. Then wipe it off with a clean rag. It’s quick, effective, and cheap!

Importance of Remove Silicone

Next up is another product that can be found in any major grocery store. I’m talking about baking soda. Simply pour it into a large plastic bowl and add some regular table salt to make it into a paste like substance. Now all you need to do is apply it to the floor like any other cleansers and rub it in!

Finally, there is the ever important step of preventing the oil from re-appearing by either wearing simple rubber gloves or an anti-slip pad. No matter how much you try to avoid it, accidents will happen! You can also use a shop bought rug to soak up any excess oil. Simply mop up any excess water and dry the area completely to remove the lube from the flooring. Find out best lube brands for remove silicone products.

This is probably one of the easiest methods for removing the oil from any flooring, since it is very easy to implement. However, there are other products on the market that you may want to consider. I recently saw a video online of a man who used mineral spirit to remove the oil from his concrete floor! It works pretty well, but you need quite a bit of it! Also, you need to be careful not to get anything on yourself from this substance because it is very flammable.

Final Words

Regardless of which method you choose to remove the oil from your floor, make sure you are very careful doing so. Silicone oil can be dangerous if you accidentally get on your hands and I wouldn’t recommend this at all! Read about more health related posts here.

If you are going to attempt to clean an oil-soaked floor yourself, make sure you wear proper personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves and eye goggles. After all, there is no reason to risk your health just to save a few dollars when you could simply take a few extra steps to prevent the oil from leaking onto your floor in the first place!

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