If you’re organizing an Italian-themed party in New York, then a few typical components must be included in the menu. For this purpose, you can search the dining style and the theme that the Italian restaurants in New York follow. Among the most important ingredients, Castelvetrano Olives, cheese, pasta, tomatoes are some top demanded that can make your party hit.

Consider the tricks of serving Castelvetrano Olives:

The ways of serving to add up the value of the food so never underestimate its importance. While serving yummy Italian food at a party, there are a few critical elements to remember that will not only ensure the success of the event but also maintain everyone’s health in tip-top form.

1- Consider the Taste of the Guests

Calculate the total number of attendees attending your party. Make an estimate of a few extra persons also, in order to determine the appropriate quantity of food and dishes. Additionally, figure out your guests’ preferences and then choose which common food dishes should be offered. While dressing the olives on the dishes make sure to keep some serving without dressing so that if due to some reason a person doesn’t want to eat olives, he shouldn’t face trouble in separating them on the side of the plate. 

2- Consider the Quantity of a Serving

Consider the quantity of food you will offer very carefully. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your visitors to suffer from indigestion. The serving quantity must be corresponding to the number of courses offered during the gathering. Secondly, keep refilling the dishes so that people have fresh food instead of letting the remaining on a side and adding some more.

3- Avoid Experimenting with New Recipes

Occasionally, the new recipes you attempt fail miserably because you lack the practice necessary to execute them flawlessly. As a result, always prepare the Castelvetrano Olives dishes for which you are an expert.

4- Adapting Your Serving Style to the Number of Guests

If your party will have more than 20 people, you can choose a buffet-style service. However, for groups of 10 to 15 people, individual portions can be scheduled, just like Italian restaurants in New York offer both options for a party. Thus, you would be able to save food from being wasted. And the trick will save you money also.

5- Properly Inquire About Castelvetrano Olives

If you are serving olives that you purchased from online retailers such as Sogno Toscano, you should ask questions that will assist you in picking the quantity. Like the mentioned company, there are so many websites that provide a detailed description of the uses of the product. Thus you get to know that the single product can be the ingredient of how many recipes.

6- Will These Olives Be Safe For Everyone?

Yes, olives are one of the few kinds of food that are appropriate for people of all ages. It is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which are beneficial in the battle against illness. On the other hand, like any other food item, olives can also be allergic to some people. Keep this thing also in mind that if anyone among the guests then keeps some portion of food separate for them.

There is one thing to be considered that consuming olives cold might make them more bitter and unappealing. Thus, if you do not desire to cook them, bring them to room temperature before serving.

7- Rich in Nutrients

These olives are completely natural since they have not been artificially colored. Castelvetrano Olives originate in Sicily, which has the ideal environment for cultivating this variety of olive. They are a vibrant green in color, as opposed to the deeper olive green. Italian restaurants in New York especially focus on its use.

Frequently asked questions:

What can I do with Castelvetrano Olives?

For a more sophisticated appetizer, warm some in olive oil and serve with feta and toast. Alternatively, put a container in the refrigerator for your mid-night or weekend Castelvetrano cravings. Most of the Italian restaurants in New York use their dressing these olives chicken thighs or fried fish in the form of olive sauce.

What cheese goes with Castelvetrano Olives?

Julesburg and camembert are specially used with green olives. These Castelvetrano Olives are light in flavor and buttery in texture, and their combination with cheese makes its taste more fantastic. Their mild flavor comes across as somewhat sweet with a tinge of salt and does magic on your taste buds. Castelvetrano Olives complement antipasti plates well and match particularly well with sharp cheeses and dry white wine.

Are Castelvetrano Olives good for you?

Yes, exactly. Castelvetrano olives are high in healthy fatty acids and polyphenols, which both contribute to overall health improvement. Additionally, they are a good source of vitamin E.

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