How to Take Care of the Oral and Dental Hygiene of your Child

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Poor dental and oral hygiene can affect the general well-being of your child. Cavities and teeth decay is major issues that affect a lot of children. Don’t neglect the dental hygiene of your child.

The following are tips on how to ensure your child’s dental and oral health is good always. 

  1. Regular Visits to the Dentists

A child should start seeing a dentist after the celebration of their first birthday. It enables the dentists to look for and identify any issues as early as possible. 

Starting early establishes a good dental checkup routine early and makes the child comfortable. The child should visit the dentists two times a year.

  1. Brush Twice a Day

Everyone including children should brush their teeth two times a day. In the morning and before bed. Brushing daily prevents bacteria from building up the mouth, prevents cavities, and plaque. 

In addition, you can have your child use gentle mouthwash such as kids natural mouthwash. Mouthwash is good for killing bacteria and keeping the mouth fresh.

  1. Choosing Proper Toothbrush

The child has a delicate mouth and gums. So, when choosing a toothbrush, ensure it has soft bristles. Hard bristles can scratch and cause injuries to the child. Also, ensure that you replace your kid’s toothbrush after every three months. An old toothbrush becomes a hub for bacteria which end up causing more harm to the oral health of the child.

  1. Healthy Meals

Another way you can help in keeping the oral and general health of your child intact is through a healthy lifestyle diet. Ensure your child is eating well-balanced food. Also, incorporate vegetables and fruits such as broccoli and apples. In addition, ensure your child feeds dairy products such as milk. Milk is rich is calcium which is essential for strong teeth and healthy gums. 

Also, consider food rich in vitamins D, E, and B complex. If you are not sure your child is getting these nutrients, you can consider supplements.

  1. Sugarless Gums

Another way of keeping the teeth and the mouth of our children healthy is by giving them fewer sweets. Instead of sweets, consider sugar-free gums. Sweets and sweetened gums will cause bacterial buildup, cavities, and tooth decay which is unhealthy for the general well-being of the child. Sugar-free gums have minimal instances of cavities.

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Avoid giving your child soda and artificially sweetened fruit juices as they can cause harm to their teeth. Instead, give them freshly squeezed juices with no additives or sugar. 

Also, fresh fruit juice is full of great vitamins and nutrients that are good for the health of the child. Soda has high acidity levels which can cause teeth corrosion. Encourage your child to drink enough water as you alternate it with milk.


The oral and dental health of your child is essential for their general health. Follow the above tips to ensure your child’s oral and dental health is well protected. Regular dentist visits will help identify any problem before it escalates into a larger one.

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