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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on digital marketing


Digital strategies are now transformed by AI with its ability to gather data, evaluate it, apply and further learn from it. The advancements that take place in artificial intelligence allow digital marketing to improve its strategies and offer valuable customer insights for organizations. More companies are frequently implementing artificial intelligence be it the self-driving car by Tesla or smart Alexa, AI is everywhere. An example for AI in digital marketing is Starbucks. This company has accelerated its personalization strategy using AI and predictive analysis. It uses the company application and customer loyalty cards to inform advertising campaigns about the latest requirements and search history of its existing customers.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the engineering and science domain concerned with the practice and theory of developing systems that manifest the features associated with human intelligence such as planning, adaption, learning, perception, problem-solving, acting on the environment, and natural language processing. Its systems are generated as elements of complex applications adding artificial intelligence to it in various ways such as processing, learning, and adapting language.  Graduates and employees are now pursuing artificial intelligence certifications to study this broad field that intersects with various domains including digital marketing.

How are AI and digital marketing related?

Earlier, the marketing strategies led by enterprises did not adopt artificial intelligence for their business growth. But with time, AI has flooded digital marketing by helping it scale various operations. For instance: If you have searched for a product on any website on Google, the product ad will be served in the sidebar when you visit the website later on.

According to McKinsey, digital marketing businesses are projected to be tremendously influenced by AI within the next few years. As a result, employees and students have a great scope for a career in artificial intelligence in digital marketing as well as other IT sectors.

 This technology is now a reality that offers multiple options and benefits and serves as a chance for individuals planning a career in artificial intelligence. While there are various digital marketers still relying on human ingenuity, AI will easily develop accurate reports based on the return on investment of marketing campaigns using data since it is not bound by human limitations.

Effects of AI in marketing mainstream

Artificial Intelligence will change the campaigning methods for digital marketers to the way that campaigns themselves are run and measured. Provided below are the major effects that this technology has brought in digital marketing.

Lead Generations

Based on the information that already exists in the program being used, artificial intelligence segregates through piles of data about the clients, colleagues, and existing customers. It can rate or predict how hot a provided lead is. This saves time on basic searching allowing marketers more time for sales calls and pitching.

Email marketing

AI improves digital marketing both for the customers and marketers. It makes personalization at scale possible, which is a dream for every digital marketer. Based on the brand’s previous interactions, AI sends personalized emails to company subscribers relying on their consumed content and wish lists. For instance:- If a user skips product pages and directly goes for content in the company’s email and vice versa, AI will send different messages with relevant links for different users. 

Automated content creation

Content creation is easier and quicker with artificial intelligence. For example, Coca-Cola a global beverage major automates its advertising narratives using artificial intelligence. It uses AI to evaluate their customer’s social media content to generate leads on when and how their products are consumed. This helps them identify their in demand products.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is another aspect of artificial intelligence that provided better customer satisfaction. AR allows customers an option to feel and see the production before an online purchase. For instance:- LensKart’s 3D trial during its initial stage of production allows frame trials to its customers through their webcams. Faster and better response from customers is possible using such technology that ultimately reflects in revenue.

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