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Top Benefits of Installing a Solar System for Home

solar system for Home

How cool does the idea of harnessing the energy from sun and using it to power your home electrical appliances sound to you? Yes, we are talking about a solar system for your home. Investing in solar energy is the future. It offers a great opportunity to people to save their monthly electricity costs, reduces carbon footprint, their dependency on the centralized power supply. Other benefits of installing solar system for home are given below-

  • It is a Secure Investment

The price of electricity changes from time to time. So, it becomes difficult to calculate the expenditure on electricity at a given point in time. But when the electricity comes by the solar system, you can calculate the price of the power generated so, it is a kind of calculated and secure investment. It also helps you to reduce your electricity bills.

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

Since the time solar system is set up in your house, it helps you contribute to the environment. The electricity generated by PV cells has no health hazards and they don’t generate any heat-trapping gases that contribute to global climate change. It prevents the environment from the generation of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury, etc.

  • Suitable for Indian Climate

Since India is geographically located in such a way that it receives ample sunlight. It has almost 300 sunny days so India has one of the best climates in the world to energy from the sunlight. So, if you live in India and have power issues, then you should definitely consider going solar.

  • Government Support

If you plan to set up a solar system for home, then you fall under the 5% tax bracket. This is one of those categories in India that fall under the low tax custody bracket. Other countries also offer rebates, tax benefits, and subsidies for people who choose to use solar energy to generate power. The government tries to encourage people to go solar so that they can save the environment and use less non-renewable sources to generate power.

  • No Extra Space Needed

Many people opt to install on the roofs of their commercial or residential buildings. So, they do not require an extra piece of land to install the solar system. This is a viable and sustainable concept. You can also have an add-on advantage as this system improves the resale value of your house by at least 3-4%.

  • Helps you Save Money

One of the major advantages of having solar power at home is that you can save a lot of money on the monthly electricity costs. The solar system can help you save up to 95% of your monthly electricity bills. You can utilize this saved money for other expenditures. Thus, a solar power system makes sure that you get year-round service, efficiency, and savings.

Solar power is one of the most popular types of alternate electricity sources that can be easily installed in a home setup. Many people have shifted to harnessing solar energy for power generation because of the benefits it offers and also due to the fact that they have realized the need to protecting the environment. Since, the national and international agencies are promoting solar power, setting renewable energy targets, and providing subsidies, this is by far the best time to invest in the solar system for home if you haven’t. With the growing trend of using solar energy, many solar EV charging stations have also been launched by the government for the comfort of the people.

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