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Interesting Room Decoration In Different Countries:

Room Decoration

The look of the house plays a major role. It determines our mood and point of view. Home decoration is important, it can affect everything on your self-preparation and confidence. The decoration is something you can create an environment in which you can be the best version of yourself. The way we decorate our rooms or houses becomes a part of our personal identity. Our individual tastes show on this. If you like to decorate your room in different styles, this is for you.

1) Australian coastal:

The  Australian lifestyle greatly revolves around relaxed, coastal living. For creating an Australian coast you just need to do a few steps. Add sheers to the window, paint a wooden floor, and keep walls light. This design is inspired by coastal leaving. Colors are used to reflect the ocean. The various shades of blue used to create an Australian coastal theme. These include navy, peacock colors. use one bright color cushion, one wall color. Using whitewash floorboards and white furniture also look good in them. It gives you a fresh look.

2) Japanese :

Japanese decoration is different from other countries. Japanese usually color their rooms in natural colors. Which are basically brown and wooden elements. They always have a green plant in their rooms. They use Wabi-Sabi as a world view centered on the acceptance of imperfections and transience. It’s a thing to find beauty in simplicity. Open space and natural light are key to Japanese style. Japanese use japanese futon ikea. It’s basically used for sleeping comfortably. Futons absorb sweat. It has to hang in the sunlight and keep them dry. 

3) Indian:

The Indian way to decorate rooms is by adding color. Blue, purple, pink, yellow, green, tan color are idol colors for the Indian room. Indian rooms are affordable and gorgeous. Rooms are mostly good lighting systems. Indians love printed bright curtains, and decorate your window.  Rearrange furniture. They like to hang photographs and wallpaper. Choose some fake flowers, it looks quite real. And flowers always look beautiful.

4) Brazilian Jungle:

The Amazon jungle is one of the most stunning jungles in the world. Brazilian jungle decoration is inspired by the Amazon jungle. People who like greens, can try this. Jungle is also filled with birds and colorful flowers. Add these touches with bold paintings. Focus on some natural wooden furniture, and yellow lights. These things give the  room a perfect finishing.

5) Korean :

Many people like to create their room in korean style. The main part of korean room style is light wooden furniture. The light color furniture makes the room more airy. Korea is famous for architecture, built by natural wooden things, mud and stone. They usually use white curtains, light color walls, and put a bed lamp and use stylish candles. The Korean dress color is also light pink, white, and bridge color.


It’s American style. It’s a combination of light and bright color. The main part of this room is a mirror. Mirror is used in a darker wall. The reflection of the mirror makes the room larger. Lamp light is an important part of this decoration.


Home decoration is an important part of our life. We stay at home and many people spend more time in their home. So it’s so important to make this beautiful because it gives us positive energy.  Our room is an environment where we can make it ourselves. Experiment with your room, that will make us happy. If you are a very social person and like to enjoy evenings together with your family and friends then you have to make your room clean and beautiful.

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