“At International Hospital Islamabad we believe that each individual and every family
deserves the best medical attention that we can provide. With so much complexity and
stress in today’s world, it’s not surprising that some people have turned to radicalism
to solve their problems. But in the name of God we will carry out our duty to those who
have been affected by us. If you or someone you know need urgent medical treatment,
then we are here to help you in whatever way we can.”
Since International Hospital Islamabad was established in 2021, the focus has
remained on the quality of service rather than on revenue generation. “At IIHRCour
mission is to offer patient focused health care in an affordable manner. By offering
high quality medical service to our patients, we are committed to our mission with
passion. We recognize that in order to make a difference we must educate our people
to make better decisions for themselves and for their families.”
The hospital prides itself on providing state-of-the-art facilities for better patient care.
The hospital boasts of state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging machines, laser surgery
centers, medical research centers, emergency care facilities and many more. The
hospital staff offers quality services to its patients. They focus on prevention to ensure
that the patients are given proper care in case they ever become ill.
The services that the hospital offers to its patients include rehabilitation,
immunizations, general medical services, specialty services, psychosocial services,
etc. These are the services which focus on the overall health of the patient.
Rehabilitation services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dialysis and
cardiac rehabilitation. Immunizations are required to prevent against diseases that can
be life threatening. These immunizations are provided to all patients including
international patients.
Cardiac care is also provided by the hospital. The hospital’s cardiovascular and
intensive care units provide state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic technologies for
cardiac patients. It also provides treatment to severe and chronic heart problems.
immunization services include routine vaccinations. Pregnant women can also register
for immunizations at any time. Other services include wound care, diagnostic care and
surgical care. General surgery can be conducted on patients who need such.
Specialized treatments and surgeries are also provided by the center.
The rehabilitation center provides skilled nursing and healthcare services to its
patients. Rehabilitation includes physical therapy and occupational therapy. Particular
therapies for psychological disorders and mental illnesses are also provided by the
rehab center. The emergency department is fully equipped to deal with emergencies.
Patients are taken care of in an emergency situation until they can be treated fully at
the hospital.

The services offered by this hospital are excellent. All patients are treated with respect
and due regard. The staff at this international hospital have expertise in their field and
take care of the patients properly. The patients who suffer from serious diseases
including AIDS or HIV can get quick access to the medical assistance at this hospital.
The doctors and nurses at the IHB Islamabad offer quality health and medical
services. They follow a service-oriented approach in their treatment procedures. A
patient can be treated quickly and efficiently. The surgeons and other staff members
provide top quality care to their patients. The center is well equipped with the latest
technologies and highly qualified staff.
The rehabilitation center at IHB Islamabad understands the problem of different
patients and their families. They treat them with sensitivity and compassion. There are
various types of services available for the patients. The patients can avail of many
services like psychosocial care, psychotherapy, family counseling, psycho-therapy,
group therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and home nursing. The
rehabilitation center also provides treatment to those patients who have lost the ability
to work. They help them to undergo vocational training.
The hospital has a well-developed emergency system. The emergency department is
fully-staffed and can attend to all types of emergencies. The ERP system is also very
advanced and has all the latest technology in it. There are several physicians working
at the hospital. The staff and the doctors are highly qualified and trained and they
serve the patients with respect.
The IHB Islamabad has been providing excellent services to the international patients
for more than twenty years. They have established a good reputation for themselves.
The hospital provides services for all kinds of emergencies and illnesses. The hospital
has an operating budget that meets the requirements of the government as well as
private organizations. The international hospital Islamabad has been providing quality
services to its patients and has become one of the finest hospitals in Pakistan.

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