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iOS or Android App development- which is profitable for your business in2022?

iOS or Android App development- which is profitable for your business

It is 2022, and businesses are ready to boost their business with their apps. The real problem comes down to choosing one of the platforms from iOS and Android, as they are industry leaders.

Before deciding on the platforms, a market study is crucial, which can inform businesses about the market share of Android and iOS.

Market share of platforms

The majority of businesses prefer Android because it is an open-source platform and is used by many smartphone-making companies. They are available in various segments ranging from cheapest to most expensive smartphones worldwide. According to Statcounter, Android started strong in January 2021 worldwide, especially in Asia. However, the operating system was not famous in the United States compared to iOS since most of the population preferred iOS even at the end of 2021. Statista predicted that iOS share would increase to 13.8 % worldwide in 2022, and Android will lose a few percent until the year-end.

In a nutshell, Android is a choice in developing countries, whereas developed nations prefer iOS because of their higher income. The stats and figures represent how iOS is becoming more famous worldwide, and more people are buying these devices because of their stability and security. If businesses want to target a wider audience in 2022, Android is undoubtedly a better choice. But, in the United States, iOS app development will be a better choice for businesses because of its higher market share.

By understanding the market, we can take a closer look at the audience, but it still does not completely answer the choice of platforms for businesses in 2022.

Pros and Cons of Android app development

Let us take a brief look at the pros and cons of both platforms with a perspective of application development.

Pros in Android

Android is an open-source platform making it rich in features and frameworks. There are no restrictions in Android, and businesses are flexible to modify their methods and codes according to their preference. Google continuously posts guides about interactive designs and updates that developers can learn. With the availability of operating systems in TVs and wearables, businesses can target Android if they want to prepare a product that doesn’t limit them in any manner.

Cons in Android

With the open-source element, many corporations have their own designs, display sizes, and resolutions. It makes it difficult for businesses to identify stable sizes. They end up making a variety of variants to suit every device and size, which ultimately increases the maintenance cost for businesses.

If a business is worried about stability, Android is not a good option for app development. But, Android wins on the flexibility of designs and functionality in systems. It also wins on the availability of forums, making it easier for developers to communicate queries.

Pros and Cons of iOS app development

Apple is an expensive brand and with the money comes more stability and security for the users. Below are the pros and cons of iOS platform app development.

Pros in iOS

Since Apple is restricting nature, users pay for the services they use. Apps like uTorrent and other privacy applications are not allowed on the iOS ecosystems. Businesses can target premium customers by developing apps for iOS users. Also, apps have to fit a limited number of devices, so businesses do not have to worry about the extra cost of maintenance on applications.

Cons in iOS

It is not easy to upload an application on the app store. App Store has strict guidelines where third-party apps with suspicious activities are blocked or removed. Businesses have to strictly maintain Apple’s guidelines while posting applications on the app store. Also, the room for creativity and designs is limited since Apple doesn’t support several features like Android.

If a business wants to develop an application with the purpose of creativity and limitless features, iOS is not a better option. But, if a business wants to focus on stability and target premium customers for subscription, iOS will be a better app development platform in 2021.

With the pros and cons, cost becomes an informative part before finally deciding on the app development platform.

Cost of development

Android comes in countless devices, and with a wider degree of devices, a simple code is not enough for businesses to deploy on the majority of the devices. In 2022, the diversity is broader, making android app development expensive for businesses. An android app takes months to develop and deploy, ranging the cost above $15000. Further, if businesses want to integrate advanced features like payment gateways, it nearly doubles the cost for android app development.

While measuring the cost, there is not much difference in iOS app development. Similarly, the timelines for development remain the same, although android developers are easier to encounter due to their wide usage in the majority of smartphones worldwide.

What should you choose in 2022?

Since Android is leading the market, iOS users are also increasing their count. When a business wants to target premium customers and offer subscription-based services, it should opt for iOS as its app development platform. Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, while, predictably, both platforms will see a significant rise in market share. The cost of development doesn’t vary between platforms. Hence, the targeted audience will be the major factor in determining the platform in 2022, and businesses can approach app development agencies to negotiate the pricing.

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