Is A Degree In Early Childhood Education And Care Right For You?

diploma of early childhood education and care
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Is the time spent earning a diploma in early childhood education and care worth it? If you’re considering one of these degrees, you’re probably wondering about the benefits of pursuing this career path. Here are some of the top reasons why students choose to pursue this area of study. Some people enrol in an early childhood education and care program to work with young children. In contrast, others take this route because they want to open their childcare centre or preschool or help children learning English or have learning disabilities.

Why Choose Early Childhood Education?

Early Childhood Education and Care is one of those industries that grows with demand. Whether you become an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) or an Early Childhood Assistant Teacher (ECAT), it’s an industry where opportunities abound to specialize your skills, learn new techniques, and take on positions of greater responsibility as your career progresses. ECEs work directly with young children, helping them develop social skills, language, motor skills, cognitive abilities, self-esteem and more. An ECE must have patience, creativity, compassion, energy…the list goes on! But they are also working towards their own goal of becoming better educators every day.

 What Is It Like To Study ECE?

Studying ECE can be life-changing. That’s because not only do you learn essential skills, but you also work closely with children from birth to age six – which means that by graduation day, you’ll have spent roughly 10,000 hours with kids! Plus, your time on campus will offer plenty of chances to network with experts from both inside and outside of academia.

What Are The Requirements For Earning An Early Childhood Education Degree?

Earning a diploma of early childhood education and care, or ECE is a great option for those who want to work with young children in an educational environment. The requirements vary from school to school, but most applicants need either a high school diploma or GED equivalent. In addition, applicants should have experience working with children—either as nannies or daycare providers—or participate in child-related extracurricular activities such as coaching soccer teams. Some schools may require students to have CPR certification. Many students opt to pursue their degrees part-time, so they can maintain jobs while completing their studies. Students usually complete core classes before enrolling in upper-level courses specific to their early childhood education and care specialization.

diploma of early childhood education and care
Image Source: Pexels

 How Do I Become An ECE Teacher?

Becoming an ECE teacher is incredibly fulfilling, but it takes more than a passion for being successful. It also takes patience, effort, and a great deal of time. Becoming an ECE teacher requires multiple levels of study: first a bachelor’s degree, then a Master’s degree, or even higher. Some ECE teachers even go on to earn their doctorates! And regardless of where your educational journey ends up taking you, it’ll all start with planning…preferably before graduation day.

 How Much Does A Degree Cost?

The cost of an ECE diploma varies from place to place but generally falls somewhere between $3,000 and $6,000. Because some provinces have phased out these diplomas or will be phased out soon, there is limited information about them online.

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