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Job seekers, in this day and age, are hopeful about landing their dream jobs fast! However, as the job seekers market is quite jam-packed already, it is important to stand out from the crowd to land the job you have always wanted! This is where the need for a well-established network comes into play. At the end of the day, in order to land a job that helps you excel in your career, you need to know people and people need to know you! 

In this regard, an employee referral can work miracles for someone seeking a job! What if we told you that a lot of statistics show that candidates, who were a part of an employee referral program, had close to 55% of getting hired faster? This was in comparison to candidates that came via other means, like hiring sites! If you are still on the fence about this fact, however, contact any HR that you might know, and they will back it up, telling you that employee referrals happen to be the number 1 tool in an employer’s and a potential employee’s arsenal to help with the hiring process!

Employee engagement in the form of job referral programs carried out by a company helps in engaging candidates who are aware of the work culture of the said company. As a result of this, the referred candidate has a higher chance of retaining the position and finding the job itself extremely rewarding! 

But for all this to happen, any job seeker needs to have connections, so that they are at least considered to be referred to a potential employer, for a particular position! In order to help you do just that, here are a few strategies that you can look into, to establish a good rapport with potential employees engaged in job referral programs

Targeting employers

Any job seeker more or less has one or two particular companies in mind that they would want to work with! So, in order to have a fighting chance to join those companies, it is important that you start interacting with their employees, to begin with! The importance of networking with these employees cannot be emphasized enough, especially if you do not have any connection, at present, with any of the employees in that company! 

Now, when a job opening comes along in the organization of your liking, it is important that you ask the person you have been networking with, whether or not you can use their name as a reference in your application. Remember to also mention in the application how you know your reference. While asking, ensure that you do not do it blatantly. Ask them about their opinion regarding how good a fit you might be for the company instead! This will send the message across without it being too obvious!

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn truly is an amazing tool when it comes to helping establish a work network! Used in the right manner, it can provide you with some brilliant opportunities to connect with professionals who can help refer you to their employers! Have a look at your current network and figure out which are the strongest connections for you, amongst all of them. From previous coworkers to alumni, do not discount anyone when it comes Dai Mod Manager to forming connections! Upon having established who you can contact, check to see if they work for a company that has an open position to be filled! 

Now comes the tricky part; reaching out! Ensure that you know the strength of the bond you have formed with a particular person so that when you send your resume to them, it doesn’t raise eyebrows! Now, they will be able to go through your resume prior to approaching their employer about you as a referral!      

Make the right connections:

While networking, do your due diligence and make sure that you are making connections with the right people. This is why establishing good contacts is important, because otherwise, you will not be able to figure out who the right people are. Not only will it help you gain access to the hiring network, but it will also help you add more weight to your referral too!

Let us take for example a job seekers who is a marketing professional! The kind of people he or she should be forming connections with, within the organization should include people from the marketing team and the HR department! Never discount the importance of a well-established connection with the HR of any company, because after all, their reference will mean a huge (metaphorical) tick on your application, even before it has been read by the employer! However, establishing connections with other employees of the company is also important in order to keep all your options open, so do not overlook that either!

There is a reason why job referrals work more when it comes to helping with the hiring process; they come from trustworthy people within the company itself. This in turn helps the employer feel confident about their referrals, while the referred candidate also shows more interest, knowing they were approached or agreed to have their resume viewed because the referring person felt they would be a good fit for the company! This is why, the moment you are able to get a hold of a referral when it comes to your job application, the chances of it landing on top of the pile increase to a great extent! Such is the importance of good networking!  

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