I can’t simply emphasize how important it is to find the keyword tool that are suitable for your SEO strategy. We briefly touch on this in our last segment, but today I want to focus on explaining more about keywords and why they are very important for your search engine optimization. There are many different tools out there, but if you have a limited budget or want to find the cheapest option, I recommend checking out SEMrush. They offer monthly and yearly subscriptions which can be cancelled at any time. With a subscription, you get access to their entire suite of tools from keyword research to backlink analysis so that you can optimize your site accordingly. You also have access to detailed reports on your competitors’ performance so that you know what needs work on your site and where they excel in comparison! The main goal is to help your website reach Google’s first page based on the keywords used by people.

Understand keywords

Keywords are something you type into search engines like Google, because you are looking for something. If I finally find this article, some things that I might type into the search engine will:

The importance of keywords.

Keywords and SEO Strategies

These are all called “keyword phrases” and after you send it to Google, Google will then provide you with the results that are relevant to it. The aim is to be in the top 3 of the first Google results page. As in these locations it gets the most traffic, and most of the sales or exposure to the brand or cause it.

It is statistically known that clicking in the top Google position is distributed in this way (estimated number):

# 1 place gets – 36% of the total clicks that occur when people land from the Google results page. 2nd place – only 12%, and 3 places only 9%.

So, you can see the importance of being in the first place!

The only way you can do this is to do a little tactical keyword research – sounds scary but when you know what tools are used and where to start quite easily.

Keyword research

Listen; There are several keyword research strategies on the internet. If you just start the journey, I recommend entering more time into your keyword research than most people. What they do is use the keyword tool to find out what phrases are most sought after, but don’t have a lot of competition.

There are several different keyword software tools out there (e.g. market samurai, micro niche finder, Google Adwords etc.), and everything can help. Although most of the internet marketing curtains will notify you that Google Adwords are all they use, I recommend investing a little money in software tools. If you decide, there will be free information at the bottom of this article that will have a big impact on your search engine optimization.

Wide keyword

Understanding broad keywords is quite simple. This is a quick example:

Let’s say your main keyword phrase is “youth baseball bat”. If you are looking for Google and just type: a youth baseball bat, you will get broad results. If you type phrases to Google with the surrounding quotes, you will get a phrase match. This is very similar to how many work words work.

When you do keyword research, you can choose the “Broad Keywords” option. Whenever Google AdWords keyword software or other versions are difficult at work, it will produce several options that do not start with your keywords or even have it in phrases. So, if you type the baseball bat youth, a few widely possible keywords:

  • Baseball league league
  • Children’s baseball gloves.
  • adult baseball gloves
  • Demarini Voodoo 2011.

This is basically a way to help you learn the various areas where you can use your main keyword (youth baseball bat) and sprinkle a few broad keywords on your website content or for article marketing purposes (I will explain this in the tutorial in future).

Right keywords

If you need the right keyword, then you try to find information on one keyword; “Bat Baseball Youth”. To find the right match from your phrase on Google Add a bracket around the keyword like this: [KEAL OF YOUTH baseball]. (Try and see what the results are)

Keywords Phrase matches.

I like to consider keyword phrases as status “between”. They are a little more flexible than the right and more targeted keywords than broad keywords. If you need something that has a little flexibility, this must be your choice. Here are a few examples:

  • 2011 Youth Baseball Bat
  • Baseball bat youth for sale
  • Adult and teen baseball accidents

Even though your keyword phrases are in it, there are additional phrases.

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