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Know About The Lesser-Known Window Treatment Terms And Terminologies


While exploring different window treatments over the internet, you may have come across dozens of terms and technologies that had left you perplexed. What do they exactly mean? Have you ever tried to understand those terms and terminologies? If not, this post is created for you. Before choosing any window treatment, including better homes window curtains in Calabasas, enlighten yourself with all lesser-known terms and terminologies.

Discussing about the window treatment terms and terminologies;

Automation– An ability to control the window coverings with the use of a device like a remote control. With automation, the window treatment can be programmed to open and shut at a specific time of the day. This eventually makes your window treatment more convenient and energy-efficient.

Blackout Shades– Window coverings offer maximum light blockage and add privacy are known as blackout shades.

Banding– It is a contrasting strip of fabric sewn inside and outside edge of the window coverings. This is added to enhance the look of the window treatment.

Bottom Rail– It is a horizontal slat installed at the bottom of the window covering to weigh it down and keep it hanged straight.

Brackets– These are installation parts mounted to the window frame and attach to the window covering.

Cascades– This is a zigzag-shaped fabric falling from top of the window coverings like drapery. The ultimate goal of cascades is to give your drapery is a luxurious look.

Cordless– Instead of using cords to lift the window coverings, the rail can be used to raise and lower the window covering. This is considered a safe and convenient option, especially when you have kids and pets at home.

Cornice– A cornice is used to cover the window treatment hardware underneath. This makes the window treatment looks even better.

Layering– It is a combination of two window coverings, usually drapery or curtain. This adds depth and luxury and gives a clean appearance to your window treatment.

Louvre– A louvre is an arrangement of slats, slips, wood, horizontal blades designed to regulate the light flow into the room.

Pleats– It is a drapery style created by folding and tacking the fabric to hold a nice shape. Pinch Pleat, Goblet, Inverted are some major pleat types.

Opacity– The amount of light entering through the window covering inside the room.

Headrail– The hardware used to mount window treatments strongly.

Sheer– A transparent or lightweight custom-made better homes window curtains in Calabasas, used for the window treatment.

Motorization– It is a battery-powered option given in the window treatment to raise and lower the window covering. Motorization Shades in Malibu is the perfect instance of it.

Panel– One complete section of fabric of curtain or drapery is known as a panel.

Plantation shutters– Also known as indoor shutters, the plantation shutters feature wider louvers to allow enough light to enter the room.

Top-Down– A window shade opens from the top to down.

Valance– It is a decorative piece that covers the uppermost part of the window covering.

Woven wood shade– This is an eco-friendly window covering made of grass, jutes, bamboo, or other natural materials.

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