Know About Variety Of Facebook Post!

Know About Variety Of Facebook Post!

The Facebook post is the message given by that business that promotes online. The Facebook post is public for all who are connected to that particular page or not. Promote business on Facebook is the best technique for small or big business owners. While promoting the business, owners need to take care of content while posting. Content is the only thing that helps business owner to engage their target audience. 

Most of the users visit the Facebook page once a week. The Facebook post is the thing that grabs your customer’s attention. It contains the content related to the product or service provided by the business. On Facebook, business owners can make various posts in different ways, which helps you attract customers by checking the unique quality and posting material. Each method has its unique benefits with some specific features. 

Here are some types of Facebook posts for a variety of content:

Next Post:

In this type of Post, business owners connect to their customers with only words. No picture, no video is there in Post, just only words. Text Facebook post helps owners interact directly with customers who can’t be expressed in videos or picture format. Text post helps the owner to come directly to the point and if your goal is to make traffic on your web page. Then owner should use a variety of posts. For example, a business owner should use text posts to get feedback from customers, ask questions, announce offers or sales, etc. 

Photo Post:

In this kind, business owners connect to customers by posting pictures related to their product, business, or services. A business owner can post a picture with some text too, which will show higher engagement for connecting the customers. Owners can make the Post in an eye-catchy color combination that sticks customer’s eyes for few seconds, and then boom! Customers will visit your page, and if they like the Post, it will appear in their friend’s newsfeed, which will attract customer’s friends too. Owners can add some tricky questions and poll questions, which make them more attractive.

Video Post:

This Type help customer to visualize about the product and their services. Video contains more graphics which make the customer quickly get information about the product and brand. Owners can post the video with some content added, which helps the customer get the concept of the video. Owners can add text, stickers, graphics, transition, animation, etc. this Post is the best way to create traffic on your web page because it will be catchy for customers to understand it. Business owners can buy Facebook video views which helps them to appear more in people’s feeds. After buy Facebook video views, business owners can get more engagement from customers.

Live Video Post:

Live video post helps owners to interact with customers one by one, and in this, customers can ask questions to the owners directly which helps customer to understand their product and owners can make some presentation related to their product which shows the graphs and charts related to products. Owners can share their live video to their web page, which helps other customers who can’t join their live session. It will help the customers to solve their queries. Owners need to announce previously about the live session because some people can be busy at that time, but it notifies about the session, then they can adjust their work to another time.

Link Post:

owners can share the links of their products on their website, which can directly join the page. Sometimes, people don’t know from where to buy then direct links can be helpful for them. Moreover, owners can attach links with the Post like video or picture because they can get the individual links for specified products. 


stories help owners announce any product stock, and if your new stock arrives, you can make a story for that announcement. It will be easy for customers because the story will appear on top and stays for 24 hours. 

Pinned Post

helps owners get the essential information related to their product, business, or page. They can pin it, and it will appear on top of their page, which helps customers get information quickly about your page.

Watch Party:

owners can host a watch party, which helps get experience for hosts and customers. It will be helpful for customers because in an online generation they want to join more events which give them knowledge about the world. 

More Options:

You can use it on Post where job listed, which helps customers get a job. For example, if an owner wants any job related to their business, they get information from the job list section.

Bottom Lines

Above mentioned points help customers and owners to connect. However, if an owner wants to create traffic, they should go for the above post method.

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