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Know How Lucky You Are From Government Job Astrology

government job astrology

Rahul, with the help of government job astrology, predicted his future. As a result, he gained confidence in his life to attend several government exams. He finally passed in one of them and got a placement in a government agency. He is happy with his life and is thankful for astrology for this gift.

Vedic astrology offers several suitable combinations. First, it is to see if you are taking a government job or a private job. According to my Govt job in Kundli, will I get a job in the government? Will I take the exam for the competition? This is the most asked question from my experience. Let us first understand the term government work.

Many entities influence the government job astrology

The government runs each state for proper administration and welfare. so entities like commercial banks, police, insurance department, and local company department. Then there are authoritative departments in ministries.

To get a job in the government, you have to enter various competitions. Many people compete against each other and fight for limited places. So, if you also want a career as a civil servant. The first thing you need to do is determine your expertise in Government job astrology today. The powers of the planets and their combination state your status in work.

Some astrology points which indicates the government job astrology

Astrology points for government work are:

Lagna, Lagna lord, and the planets placed here mean the image of a man. The rajogi formed in the first house is very important. The strength of the first house can confirm what position a person will achieve in his life.

Government offices get taxes and the fourth house was home to the masses and their compatriots. Check from the 2nd to the 4th house, which is the 5th house. This is an asset or mass savings. So, the fifth house is the people’s money house.

The fifth house and the fifth master should be solid in the horoscope. It must be there in the 10th house or 10th master (PAC). This combination gave them a high rank in the government. Work.

The sun must be perfect because the sun is the karaka of the government. Can provide high positions and prestigious jobs. Also, the sun determines your soul’s goals, and if you follow your soul, it will indeed show you the way to excellence.

Check out the Dasha period as it determines the pattern of life. When the fifth master, tenth master, or Dasha lands on the sun or moon, it is positive. Check the positions of Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon. as these will state a basic level of intelligence when choosing.

Things that astrologers pay attention to in government job astrology

The few things that are important before Going for government job astrology are:

  • The position of the 6th house is critical because it is the house of devotion and struggle. Defense or police work requires 6th house involvement. It may provide a lower profile but still has dignity and job security.
  • Now check the position of Lords 5 and 10 on D-9. According to govt job astrology, if the planet burns or retreats, it weakens.
  • Check the location of the 4th House, 4th Lord, and the 

Moon on D-10. So if you can find a good combination, it’s likely the government. Work is very high.

  • Now check all the above combinations in Q-1, Q-9, Q-10, and then look at Dasha. Suppose there is a repeat of the combination in all the diagrams. there is a probability of getting reign. Work is very high.
  • Dasha, associated with the 5th house, is most useful when you join the ministry. [PAC] in D-1, D-9 should be present into account.
  • The strength of the 10th house and the 10th master determines the high-level work.
  • Different departments like IAS, IRS need different houses to be successful. You should check the 2nd and 10th, 2nd, and 6th house combinations if it is the IRS.
  • Leo’s natural 5th house strength is also significant.

Know which group you belong to through government job astrology

The people recruited into this group are the highest-performing officials. These leaders are present under the leadership of the President of India.

For example, a Central Indian Civil Service officer of IAF (Indian Armed Forces) (IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IRTS). In this position, there is a high salary scale. There are many bonuses, and above all, honor, pride, and security in the workplace. Now, all these positions are good. Anyone looking for government jobs will dream of fulfilling them. Government job astrology will help you fulfill your dreams in no time.

To enter the office at level -1, you need most of the above combinations.

The sun’s position, the sign of Leo, the 5th and 10th houses. the 10th house, the planets that ruled Dasha at the time of accession. plus the same combination should be strong in the D9 and D10 diagrams.

Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, and Moon must be firm or do Kendra and Tricon Raj yoga. Level of intelligence, decision-making power, confidence, and a balanced mind. This is the essential skill to achieve this position. This group of servants was nothing less than a king, so Govt job yoga in kundali had to be formed.

Civil servants have a more administrative role. Employees at public sector companies (PSUs) and national banks fall into this category. as do supervisors, state inspectors, office managers, and state police officers. Employees of national banks and administrative offices need Mercury. They also need the moon, intense sun, and a solid 4th house and 2nd house.

You can get your dream government job through government job astrology

Always think of a Strong kundli for a government job and the Lord of the 5th house or planet positioned. Then, if you do rajyoga or are influential in all ranks, the person will be promoted and given fame and status.

Level 3: These are civil servants appointed to various functions without supervision.

Here the role of Saturn and the 6th house plays an important role. Competitive exams are also conducted in this section, but they are more straightforward than level -1 exams.

Government job astrology provides all the combinations necessary for success in your life

In this way, We have shared all the combinations you need to check Govt job prediction by date of birth at three different levels. It is recommended to focus on the Dasha period during the exam, even if RajYoga lacks.

For professional success and financial prosperity. It is, of course, essential to make good career choices early on. Not everyone can make the perfect career choice. but government job astrology will guide what the right career choice looks like. Must know what it means to a person before making a career choice. 

According to the horoscope, switching to an unprofitable career leads only to disappointment. It is the loss of valuable time. It is also essential to check whether one’s horoscope supports government work. 

Otherwise, one should pursue a career based on astrological directions. The article provides extensive information on how to make forecasts. It is for applicants for public services.

People seek the help of government job astrology to gain confidence in their life

Astrological charts vary from person to person. Choosing a career from an astrological horoscope is very difficult. This article provides a plan for how things work. One can study one’s natal chart by following the above instructions. one should know how to make predictions. 

Since public service predictions from birth charts are significant and more profound. It is always advisable to consult an experienced and educated astrologer. 

Mostly, required to avoid mistakes and get accurate astrology predictions free and guidelines. One should note that the science of astrology never underestimates the importance of hard work and achievement. The purpose of astrological guidance is to direct human hard work. It rewards the right path so that individuals are not confused about choosing a career.

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