Know the secret ingredients of the best sexy lingerie for women in India!

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‘’I have enough sexy nightwear’’ said no woman ever. A sexy piece of lingerie is a tint of spice that you do just for yourself. Years ago, sexy lingerie was meant only for making the woman look like an eye-candy to her partner. In other words, this was a piece of clothing that focused only on the eyes of the on-looker, and paid no heed whatsoever to the wearer. This was the case as a sexy lingerie had just ONE PURPOSE. But now the dynamics of the lingerie industry has changed as the reasons why a woman steps in hot lingerie have changed. Though, women still love to put on these sexy lacy pieces for their partners, but more than that a woman does it today more for herself. She slips in sexy nightwear not just to race her partner’s heart, but to look sensuous and feel confident about her body. On a boring day, when nothing feels right, just put on a pair of your favorite red or black lacy beauties under your outfit, and see the shift that brings in your mood.

As the reasons to slip in a sexy nightwear has augmented, so has the number of lingerie stores selling them online and offline. The Indian lingerie market is flooded with a large number of local, international, vintage and newbie brands that are catering to the lingerie needs of the country. With an eclectic range of options to choose from and a diversity of brands, choosing the right lingerie option is no more a cakewalk.

In this blog, we highlight the parameters that you need to consider to choose the best hot night dress for ladies.

Lets begin with the most important ingredient that makes or breaks a lingerie piece – its fit. No matter what size you are, or what pattern or fabric the lingerie is, or how famous or amateur the brand is, everything comes to the fit the piece offers. If the lingerie does not offer you a custom-made fit, it will not highlight your curves. Thus, the sole reason that makes a lingerie piece sexy is defeated. In short, if it does not fit well, it is not the one for you.

P.S By right fit, I mean perfect fit and not too tight, as many women presume a perfect fit has to cramp your body. A perfect fit just hugs your figure without any cramping. Also, wearing too tight lingerie pieces can make you extremely uncomfortable when you are in it, and if you continue wearing such fits, it will bring medical complications in the long run.

After the fit comes the fabric. Now, as the lingerie does not only focus on the on-looker but prioritizes the wearer’s needs first, the fabric quality of the lingerie is the other crucial element. If the lingerie piece that looks sexy on you, fits you well, but is crafted from a substandard quality fabric, you might look sensuous but not feel the same. Thus, to qualify as the best lingerie piece, it should fit you accurately as well as feel as a second layer of skin.

The modern-day lingerie is a treat for both the wearer and the on-looker, as it treats his eyes with your sensuous looks, and captures your heart with its on-point fit and magnificent fabric.

Though the fit and fabric of a sexy nightwear is vital, there are other elements as well that add to its sensuous quotient. In the first place, do not blindly follow a trend and choose sexy nightwear dresses for honeymoon that you are unsure of carrying confidently.  Secondly, consider the seam quality as that assures durability of the product.

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