Know These Different Types of Screen Printing Methods

high-quality t-shirt printing service
high-quality t-shirt printing service

Screen printing is a popular t-shirt and one of the oldest printing methods. It is famous for its durability and ability to deliver vivid colors whether you need to print a lighter or darker fabric. This printing method is considered the most common method for most fabric and paper prints.


Many people call this printing method serigraphy or silkscreen printing. In the process of screen printing, ink is used through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design. In simple terms, a screen printer works by transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee. It works best for personalized t-shirt printing.

While screen printing works best for fabric and paper prints, it is used for wood, metal, plastic, and even glass. After all, there are different types of screen-printing services you will want to know. In this article, we have included some major types of screen printing. If you need a personalized t-shirts printing service in Kentuckyyou can look for a screen-printing service.


The 6 Major types of Screen Printing 


  1. Spot Color Screen Printing 


This is the first type of screen printing that works by pulling spot colors from different color separation software programs. The screen-printing service uses these spot colors and prints them in solid colors and shapes.


Before starting this printing process, a professional prepare the art first that needs to be printed. In addition, a professional also ensures the design, words numbers have been properly prepared, and colors have been correctly separated.


There are many benefits of using this printing method. It allows you to print vivid colors on all kinds of apparel and material. A high-quality t-shirt printing service can maximize the benefit with their expertise.


  1. Halftone Printing 


This printing method focuses on the use of shading works with tiny dots. This technique can be used to print pictures, including monochromatic ones having only one color.


Halftone printing is cost-effective because one ink color is used. It is a very different way than other screen-printing methods as it can create different shadings only with one color. After all, if you need personalized t-shirts printing, you can use screen printing.


  1. Grayscale Printing 

This screen-printing type works with shades of gray varying from black to white. Further, screen printers have the ability to capture these shades either by enhancing or reflecting white lights or decreasing/absorbing the reflection of black light. It looks like we are talking about the black and white technique, but it is not like that. Black and white works with true black and true white to describe images. On the other hand, the grayscale method doesn’t work.

If we talk about the benefits of grayscale printing, it goes well with light-colored and white color clothing. You can use a personalized t-shirts printing service in Kentucky in case you need bulk t-shirt printing.


  1. CMYK (4-Color Printing)


The CMYK printing method works with four basic colors such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and key or black. If you are searching for a printing technique that allows you to create multi-colored prints at an affordable cost, the CMYK screen printing is all you need. A high-quality t-shirt printing service considers this printing method suitable for light-colored and white clothing materials.


  1. Simulated Process Printing 


Simulated process printing is one of the popular screen-printing methods. It is widely used for photo prints because it works with halftones of colors. This printing method focuses on the use of halftone ink colors in order to catch the original design. After all, the final printed product looks bold, realistic, and detailed. A high-quality t-shirt printing service can use this technique as per your needs.


  1. Duotone Printing 


It is one of the screen-printing methods that work with a combination of two halftones when the same image is printed with two colors. In this printing technique, the warm brown halftone works with the black halftone in order to develop a duotone print.


Duotone printing is helpful for light materials and apparel. It gives a sophisticated and artsy look to the printed object. That’s all. Now you know different types of screen-printing methods that a professional can use based on your printing needs.

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