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There are many different packaging materials available nowadays. Some are good whilst others are not so good. You need to keep the features of your product in mind when choosing which material to get to make the box. Kraft is a popular material to make packaging boxes from. It is strong and perfect for a variety of goods. Kraft paper tends to be made from chemical pulp that is produced in the Kraft process. A Kraft paper box can be employed in retail marketing.

Read on to find out 5 tips concerning this:

Keep product safe

If your box is not able to keep the product safe, you will have wasted money on designing it. A box that is breaking exposes the merchandise to external influences. The product can get damaged and no customer will be happy receiving something like this.

Custom paper boxesare said to be strong. The box will therefore stay in one shape and give a good impression of your brand to people. It will show that your business does care about providing quality stuff to consumers.

The boxes are said to be lightweight yet durable. They do not have dangerous chemicals in them that can go into food products and spoil them. It is important for a food business to keep this in mind as the customer’s health is important.

Show brand as environmentally-friendly

Nowadays if you want to thrive in your industry, it is vital to follow sustainable practices. Many people are more conscious of what careless human practices including packaging are doing to the environment. These people are demanding brands to follow environmentally-friendly practices or are turning to businesses that are doing this.

Kraft boxes are useful here. They are said to be eco-friendly. The brand will not need to be concerned about polluting the environment. It can limit its carbon footprint and help customers do this also.

Kraft is said to degrade naturally in some weeks. The Kraft paper box will therefore be able to decompose. The paper can also be recycled to use in new packaging boxes.

The brand that chooses these boxes will be viewed as one that is sensible, modern and responsible. This will encourage people to want to try out their products.

Inform people about the product

Custom paper boxes are able to be used to tell customers all about what you are selling. This is when you include the right details on the box. A brand has to know what to add and what not to because too much information can confuse and make the box look untidy.

The Kraft boxes are able to act like a sales representative informing people about the product. According to what you are selling, you will state those points that are needed.

For example, if you are selling a skincare product, you should tell what the product is, its ingredients, how to use and store, when to use by, warnings, etc.

A food product can state the ingredients and nutritional information, manufacturing and expiry date, warnings, quantity, weight, etc. The details help people make a decision about whether they should get the product.

There are certain signs that can be included on the box as well. The Halal and Kosher signs let Muslims and Jews, respectively know if the product is fine for them to consume according to their religion.

The details should be included in a readable font that is interesting. Choose a good font color as well so that it does not get confused in the background shade.

Market the product

A Kraft paper box can market and advertise products in a store. When you design packaging in an attractive way it will be able to stand out in front of the competition. People will recognize it and can consider the product.

You can help them know why your product is better than the competitions and is one to select. This is when you state the special features of it on custom paper boxes.

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For example, if you are selling a skincare product that has an ingredient that is amazing for skin, you can state this on the box. The product may be dermatologically-tested.

There are different deals and discounts that a business may have on its products. These can also be told on the box as they encourage people to want to take advantage of the deal.

Increase brand awareness

Kraft boxesare able to increase brand awareness. This is required if you want your business to get known and established in the market. If people do not know about your brand, they may be weary to buy from it.

You can increase brand awareness by including a logo on the Kraft paper box. The logo must be one that is simple and can be noticed. When consumers see it on the packaging of your other products, they will know that the product is from your business.

You should also let it be simple for customers to get a hold of you if they need to. For this you will need to include the contact details of the business on the box. This will be your brand’s physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, etc. on the box.

From the above you can tell that a Kraft paper boxes can be used in retail marketing when you have designed it carefully and attractively. There is much competition in all industries and it is important to be able to stand out in front of this. Only when you can do this will sales increase. The boxes should be strong so that they give a good image of your brand. You must design them attractively allowing them to be able to be prominent.

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