Leveling an unlevel concrete floor


Here are a few facts that you should know about floor leveling.

So, you have noticed that the concrete floors in your home are uneven, and panic starts sinking in. Help is here, don’t panic if your concrete floors aren’t completely flat because you can always use floor leveling in Orlando or North Carolina.

Usually, the best is to use floor leveling underlayment service, especially an industrial concrete floor. An uneven floor is typically the result of not having it done professionally.

What Causes Uneven Concrete Floors?

Reasons for floors becoming uneven over time can be due to moisture. If you want to refinish an uneven floor yourself or replace the floor, you will probably need floor leveling done in Orlando. If you have the correct equipment, you can quickly level your floor.

Leveling Compound

So, you have decided to take on the task to level your concrete floors, though it depends on accurate measurements, just how much out of level your floor is.

You can use a self-leveling floor screed compound If the concrete floor is less than 5mm out of level and leveling out the surface.


Mark the areas on the floor

Your measurements must be accurate; mark all the floor areas where there are concrete bumps; once you have done this, you could sweep over the floor with a level, especially if you missed some spots the first time around.

Laying Self-Levelling Floor Compound

Ensure that your floor is always clean; there should be nothing on the floor.  Next, ensure the surface is dust-free by giving it a good sweep and then going over it again with a vacuum cleaner. Only once the floor is clean then the surface can be primed.

Filling the cracks before you start your floor leveling can be done quickly and easily. Remember, it is essential to let the filler and sealer dry before continuing; otherwise, it may have you do double work, which is unnecessary.

Now that your floor is dry, it is time to apply the primer with a soft bristle push broom, spreading it over the entire surface of the floor. Once the primer has been distributed evenly, it is crucial to leave it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Only mix enough at this stage using a bucket; mix the compound with a mixing paddle until the consistency is right. This project can easily be done by yourself or professionally. However, it is always best to have an extra hand. One person can mix, while another pours and spreads it out.

Make sure to follow the instructions to allow the floor leveler to dry. Usually, the floor leveling compound dries quickly; after this stage, you can then install other types of flooring on top of concrete leveling flooring in Orlando.

As with many other materials, one should remember, the drying time of your floor leveling compound can depend on temperature and humidity.

The Benefits of Concrete Floor Levelling in North Carolina

Self-leveling concrete doesn’t need large volumes of water. Save water! Self-leveling concrete creates smooth, flat surfaces with very high compressive strengths. Self-leveling concrete can be poured on various materials such as concrete, wood, plywood, ceramic floors, and much more. Floor Levelling in North Carolina has become a trend for architects and property owners.

The advantages of floor leveling underlayment services include reducing damaged floors and repair costs.

Concrete Floor Levelling in North Carolina solutions is a nationwide concrete flooring company specializing in a wide range of concrete flooring options for industrial areas. If you’re looking for some advice on floor leveling services or advice on doing this project professionally and maintaining the condition of your concrete floor, please feel free to give Concrete Floor Levelling in North Carolina a friendly team call today.

It would be best to get experienced advice on whether you will be doing this solo or professionally. Getting solid advice and tips on the trade is always very helpful in transforming your DIY project into something spectacular.  Good planning on your behalf will be an added bonus to make your project a success.

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