Look Dashing in Fashionable Men’s Kadas

Look Dashing in Fashionable Men's Kadas

Men’s bracelets and kadas have been used since ancient times when kings and warriors adorned themselves with these armbands around their wrists. Even prehistoric people wore bracelets made of shells and bones. With the changing trends in men’s fashion, these are being used by a larger segment of people for different reasons.

Some wear it as a style statement, a lucky charm, or to display their power and status. Again, there are various options in different materials available in men kadas, like stainless steel, silver, gold, platinum, copper, brass, and so on. Depending on the occasion, formal or informal, you can take your pick.

Trendy and fashionable men’s kadas can add style and grace to the entire look. People who are conscious about their looks, and presentation, like to team up bracelets and kadas to accentuate their overall personality and look appealing and attractive at the same time.

How Can You Add Men’s Kadas to Your Look?

Even though men’s kadas and bracelets are highly versatile when it comes to accessories, not everything can be worn at any and every time. For example, what you wear for an office presentatiTop Designs for Fashionable Men’s Kadas on is different from what you wear at a wedding. Here is a guide to help you differentiate between different occasions and settings when choosing to wear a kada or a bracelet around the wrist.

  • Casual daily wear- Beaded bracelets are the coolest and most appropriate for everyday casual wear. They maintain their charm even if used extensively and can rock up a casual tee and jeans, maintaining their exuberant look.
  • Business wear- Cuff bracelets, single beaded ones, or a slim leather bracelet is the best option when choosing an apropos kada for a refined and minimalistic look.
  • Weddings and special occasions- Depending upon the look you are trying to create, there are multiple options to choose from when selecting a kada to add to a wedding ensemble. It can make you look dressy and stylish both at the same time.

Types of Men’s Bracelets or Kadas

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets can be made out of wood, PVC, or stone beads. Natural stone beads in a variety of colours are preferred for a more quality product. Beaded kadas create an instant impression. However, you need to be careful when mixing the colour, size, and texture of the beads and choose subtle colours for a formal look and brighter hues for more casual couture.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets come in various metals, and the oxidised ones make you look extremely masculine and formal. However, when going in for cuff bracelets with formal attire, match the metal colour with your watch. The gold and silver variety are apt for weddings and functions.

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are considered to be the epitome of masculinity and are perfect for formal dinners, business meets, and presentations. They represent a style game and can be carried off with almost every look and attire. Even though considered to be more elegant and formal, they impart a good impression and add to the wearer’s personality.

Anchor Bracelets

These come with nautical roots that look chic, stylish, and masculine. These bracelets have metal fasteners shaped like an anchor, and they come in extra lengths of leather that can be doubled and knotted, while the length can be adjusted by sliding the knot. These go perfectly well with a pair of chinos, jeans, shorts, or more summery fabrics like linen, seersucker, etc.

Steel Bracelets

Steel bracelets are the ultimate representation of masculinity. They are rust-resistant and help to enhance your overall look by making you look young, cool, and macho. Their simplicity and ruggedness have fetched them immense popularity, especially among youth, bikers, and sportspersons. They come in slimmer and bulkier variants and are best suited for casual settings.

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Final Take

If you are stylistically inclined and want to create a statement every time you dress up, you can rely on chains for men or men’s kadas. Whether for your everyday office grill or a formal occasion, men’s kadas, can help enhance your look and make heads turn to admire you and your style.

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