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While organizing any event, the host put attention to details to the management of the event. The event planning package will include all the invitations to activities and refreshments, the event organizer looks into every tiny detail that can boost the overall experience of invitees.From invitations to activities and refreshments, the event planning package includes all the things and will have every tiny detail that can boost the overall experience of invitees. They make sure that guests feel completely comfortable during their stay at the event to ensure their memorable experience. Different trends have hit up the events like Instagram-worthy backdrops, elaborate picnics, theme-based decoration, marquee letters, and pastel color balloon decorations have become extremely popular with time. Another new trend that has become increasingly adopted in parties and events is treating the guests with mini treats in party favors that keep them refreshed and energized throughout the event. These treats not only fuel up the guests on the occasions but are also among the best decorations to do that bring more excitement and charm about the event. These favors are widely distributed on different occasions like birthdays, weddings, and bridal showers, etc. and have become a new event trend.

Add attraction to the favors by opting for the various customizations

If you are thinking to throw a party for your friends and loved ones, present the delightful mini treats in Custom Printed Favor Boxes to attract more attention from the guests. Serving delicious treats like chocolates, candies, nuts, and sugared almonds, etc. will add more attraction to the occasion and gives an unforgettable experience to the guests.

•             Present the mini treats in unique packaging styles

Pick among different packaging styles such as pillow style, pyramid style, gable style, two-piece style, and flip-top style, etc. for distributing the favors in more style and attraction. Regardless of the packaging style opted for favor boxes, these can be customized in various shapes, sizes, and designs that will add more attraction to the favors and capture more eyes. No matter what printing design is selected, make sure to use state-of-the-art printing techniques such as digital, offset, and flexography whose high-color printing results will enhance the visual appeal of the favor boxes and grab more guest’s attention. Moreover, be mindful about the choice of material for favor boxes as superior quality will reflect the high standards of the host and enhance the perceived standards.

•             Give a final touch with modern finishing applications

To leave a lasting impression on the guests, the favor boxes can be customized with special finishing that will enhance the overall design of the favor boxes. Pick among the different types of finishing to give an appealing visual aesthetics to the favor boxes.


Applying a coat of lamination on the favor packaging will give a striking and vibrant appearance to the favor boxes and make them look simple yet elegant. The protective properties of the lamination will make it less vulnerable to scratches, dirt, and moisture and also boost its aesthetics. The longevity of the lamination makes them more durable and prevents the packaging from wear and tear. Depending on the preference, lamination can either be done in matte or gloss that will give a subtle or striking effect to the favor boxes.

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Aqueous coating

Aqueous coating adds significant vibrancy to the packaging and enhances the visual appeal of the boxes. Depending on the requirement, it can either provide matte, gloss, satin and soft touch to the boxes that will maximize its visual appeal and attract more eyes. Moreover, the aqueous coating is also resistant to scuffing, smudging, and fingerprints that will protect the printing design of the boxes.

Gloss and matte varnish

Applying the gloss and matte varnish on the favor boxes will enhance the depth of the packaging design and make the design pop out. Matte varnish will give a soft appearance to the favorite boxes while a gloss varnish will add a striking touch that will make the boxes stand out from the rest and capture more eyes. Games Like Life is Strange A satin touch can be given by applying a mixed combination of both matte or gloss varnish that will give a dewy and lustrous effect to the boxes and create a distinctive style.

Specialty coating

Opt for other specialty coatings such as embossing, debossing, glittering, and foil stamping, etc. to reflect a sense of class and elegance in the favor boxes. This additional coating on the custom printed favor boxes will make them look more appealing and attractive and capture more eyes.

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