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The dress code style for women is under continuous evolution. The kind of dresses that a woman used to wear usually is now under transformation. In India, the women used to focus more on the traditional outfits for both personal and professional lives. While most of their personal lives are surrounded by salwar suits and sarees, their professional lives have been encountering simple trousers. However, many women have been experimenting with their tops and shirts. Many women still prefer Indian traditional outfits for their official purposes. However, they are giving some personalized and fashionable touch with a twilly scarf.

Some Facts About Twilly Scarfs

Twilly scarfs are the specialized forms of scarfs having a tailored touch to them. The material comprising these scarfs is usually pure silk. However, to fit these twilly scarfs into the budget of all, polyester materials also find successful applications in the twilly scarfs.

There are multiple uses of the twilly scarfs. While some women may use it as a headscarf, others may opt for a neck scarf with these twilly scarfs. Some varieties of the twilly scarfs may also find application as an accessory for your handbag. They can transform the look of the outfit you wear most surprisingly.

Preferable Uses of Twilly Scarfs

Head Piece– One of the popular uses of the twilly scarfs is the headpiece. If you have short bob hair, you can wear a twilly scarf directly as a headband. A small knot along the periphery, a silk twilly scarf can give a fashionable touch to your hair. It acts as a hair accessory to gives you a style statement.

A Neck Scarf– It does not matter if you wear a simple off-shoulder white top or a block print V-neck t-shirt. All you can do is to pair them up with a tropical print colorful silk twilly scarf. You can wrap it twice around your neck, or you can simply put a loose knot in the middle. It can serve as excellent neckwear for your hectic day when you are not in the mood to get decked up. It will give a twist to any of your outfits making it the most stylish one.

A Baggy Twist– You can also enhance the look of your handbags with the twilly scarfs. The twilly for handbags forms some of the stylish bag accessories. Are you getting bored carrying your same bag each day? No need to worry as the twilly for handbags are there. You can transform the look of your regular handbag by tying a piece of twilly scarf. You can tie the twilly scarf with a knot at the side of your sling bag. You can also place it all along the length of your handbag strap. It will make your regular handbag resemble some of the designer bags.

A Wrist Accessory– Believe it or not, the twilly scarfs can also form one of your hand accessories. It is time to ditch your usual bracelets and wristlets. You can also let go of your bangles or watches. Instead of these usual accessories, you can add a punch to your style statement by wearing these stylish tilly scarfs on your wrist. You can carry it well with any Indian or western outfit.

You can also ditch your old hip belt while wearing denim or shorts. Instead of them, you can place a twilly scarf around your hip to make your look elegant.

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