Masks That May Be Beneficial To Your Sleep Apnea Therapy


A CPAP mask is an essential part of your sleep apnea therapy. Spend a night wearing an uncomfortable mask or your headgear too tight, and then you’ll realize the importance of a suitable CPAP mask.

Wearing the wrong mask could badly affect your CPAP therapy, cause your mask to fall off in your sleep, or even leave your CPAP machine on completely.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different options. CPAP stores provide some modern designed CPAP masks, which are easy to wear, and you can feel comfortable.

Full-Face CPAP Mask – ResMed AirFit F30

If you need the coverage of a full-face mask with the comfort and ease of a smaller mask, you should go for the ResMed AirFit F30. It is one of the best rated full-face CPAP masks in several ways:

Its low-profile shape doesn’t cover your nose bridge, so it’s great for CPAP users who wear spectacles, do work on Laptops, or like to watch television before going to sleep.

The ultracompact cushion and minimal contact design minimize red marks and irritation.

Its shape and size make it more comfortable for Back sleepers and side-sleepers who need a mask for full face.

Best Nasal CPAP Mask – Fisher & Paykel Evora

If you’ve ever faced difficulty putting on a CPAP mask, it’s time to try Fisher & Paykel Evora. It is designed as if you were putting on a baseball cap!

The soft, comfy cushion rests beneath your nose for less facial contact, and when you pair it with simple headgear and soft stitching, it’s as close as you can get to sleep apnea therapy without a CPAP mask.

The Fisher & Paykel Evora has radial exhaust holes, so it distributes the airflow as you exhale to calm the whisper. This mask is suitable for all sleepers, either back or side sleepers. Also, it is the best option for patients suffering from claustrophobic conditions.

CPAP Mask for Active Sleepers – ResMed Airfit N30i

If you tend to move and turn a lot while sleeping or prefer to sleep on your stomach, buy ResMed N30i.

ResMed Airfit N30i is one of the most popular CPAP nasal masks people have widely used for sleep apnea disorders.

This mask has a top-of-the-head tube connector that rotates a full 360 degrees, so there is less chance of getting it tangled in your tubing. Air then streams through the hollow frame of the mask, so if one side is pressed against your pillow, the airflow is resumed from the other side of the ResMed Airfit N30i mask!

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