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Microsoft Office 2021 Features: What You Need to Know


Lately, you might have heard a lot about Microsoft Windows 11. When Microsoft rolled out Windows 11, it also updated other applications and features for users. And the most highlighted application is Microsoft Office 2021. Although Office products are available with Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Microsoft makes standalone versions available for users.

For example, if you are a student or self-employed individual, you can opt for Office Home and Student plan at €140. Similarly, you can purchase the Office Home and Business edition individually. Now, let us get back to the Microsoft Office features that you will get with the 2021 version. Although not all the new features are worth mentioning, we will highlight the best updates of Microsoft Office 2021.


Microsoft has finally introduced inking capabilities to Outlook, which means you can use a Surface pen or any other inking device to annotate email messages. Most individuals often need to highlight something in their email messages; this feature will benefit them. Microsoft has now added a new pen toolbox to the Office applications, making it even easier to select a pen, change a pen’s colour, and select a different drawing tool, such as the lasso or the eraser.

Microsoft has added this customisation to all applications to access it quickly from any application. This feature might not be helpful for everyone, but it is an excellent addition for students who often need to highlight many things in their emails and notes. However, there is another ink-related capability – ink replay to the Office apps.


Translator for Outlook is another added feature that an add-in can enable. The translator facility allows you to translate messages that are written in foreign languages. If you receive emails from all over the world or work with different clients across the globe, this feature is convenient.


Comments were already there in Microsoft Office, but Microsoft has recently modernised the way comments appear in documents. Modernising comments are a new way of making notes in documents. For instance, the comment anchoring feature is a great functionality that allows you to anchor a comment to an object within a document.

So, if you move the object in the document, the comment moves right along with it. This will make the document revision process far less cumbersome.

These are just a few features that you will get from Microsoft Office. If you want to get a complete list of features, you can check them out here. However, the major challenge for businesses is to select the best Microsoft Office plan for their businesses. Every organisation needs applications like Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel for internal and external purposes.

If you are also struggling to choose the best office subscription plan for your business, we can help you. At Server Consultancy, we help companies select the best subscription plan for their organisation based on their specific requirements.

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