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Mountain Plastwood Flooring: Is It Best for Your Home?

Mountain Plastwood Flooring: Is It Best for Your Home?
Mountain Plastwood Flooring: Is It Best for Your Home?

During this time, the materials needed to build a home must be cherry-picked. We must create a home that is safe, durable, and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. However, the common problem is when the quality and the durability fade over time. Yes, this is the reality the homeowners are still facing nowadays.

But, Thanks to our architectural innovator, they have crafted the Plastwood sheets, this has provided us the relief from the aforementioned problems.

What is plastwood flooring?

What do you know about Plastwood Flooring? Is it eco-friendly? Is it best for your home? Is it efficient?

Plastwood sheet flooring is a new innovation in the transcending architectural industry to replace natural wood. Though the material used in this sheet is unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as uPVC, yet, it is still eco-friendly for it helps reduce deforestation that will maintain the balance in the environment. 

What’s more? Well, the Mountain brand Plastwood Flooring of Thai Plastwood is boundless for its physical property. It is light but has strong density and flexibility that makes it best for your home. Most importantly, it is efficient for it has heat and weather resistance.


What is plastwood made of?

Plastwood flooring is made of a high-quality plastic or unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as uPVC which has the same usage as wood. This allows you to cut, drill, glue, nail or bolt, and even create a smooth-delicate surface. 

What are the advantages & disadvantages of Plastwood Flooring?

As its very purpose, Plastwood sheet is to serve as a substitute for wood flooring. Though it is said that it has no boundaries and is versatile, it is inevitable that this material has its Advantages and Disadvantages.

Now let us list down the Advantages of using Plastwood sheets in flooring.

It is real when they said that Plastwood sheet in Mountain Brand, Thai Plastwood, one of the plastwood suppliers in Thailand, that it is reliable for the following reasons:

Plastwood sheet is waterproof, heat resistant, soundproof, lightweight, durable, does not decay, does not swell, fireproof, termite-proof, smooth, pliable, industrially friendly, eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing, and resistant to chemicals.


  • Waterproof

Since the material of the Plastwood sheet is a high-quality plastic or unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, this makes it fully resistant to water, unlike wood which absorbs the water directly.

  • Heat Resistant

Even with the high and hot temperature, its high tolerance to heat makes it better for your home flooring and keeps your home cool.

  • Soundproof

Because of the structure of the Plastwood sheets that limits the transmission and absorbs loud noise, this makes it best for your rooms and offices.

  • Lightweight 

Compared to wood flooring, Plastwood sheet is lightweight because of its material. Yet, it is as much as strong as the wood.

  • Durable

Mountain brand Plastwood sheet uses a Celuka Foam manufacturing process and has the thickness 4-25 x Width 1200 x Length 2440 (mm.) and the hardness of the surface is 5, making it durable either installed inside or outside your home flooring.

  • Does not Decay

Unlike wood flooring that will be decomposed over time when it is frequently exposed to water, the plastwood sheet flooring has no decomposing or fungal growing problem that makes it last longer.

  • Does not Swell

As it is waterproof and heat resistant, Plastwood sheet is less likely to swell or expand.

  • Fireproof

The properties of this material are engineered to resist fire, making it safer for your home when a fire incident happens.

  • Termite Proof

If you are having a problem in your place with the termite, Plastwood flooring will be the best solution for this problem. Unlike real wood flooring that needs to be treated with chemicals to be safe from insects, molds, fungi, and termites, Plastwood is safe from these problems.

  • Smooth

Compared to wood flooring, plastwood does not need to be smoothened when installed. Its smooth texture surface makes it very ideal for interior and even exterior designs of your home.

  • Pliable

Though the sheet is thick, it is still pliable. The material can be bent if needed during the installation without breaking it.

  • Industrially Friendly

The use of plastwood sheet flooring instead of wood makes the home builders lessen the intensity of labor because the material is lightweight and work well with any device or tool used in construction. Bolts and nuts are also ideal to be used. This makes the plastwood sheet industrially friendly.

  • Eco-friendly  

With the appearance of Plastwood sheet flooring, it is difficult to identify if it is an actual wood or not. This makes it a good choice to replace wood flooring and will lessen deforestation. This will help the environment to maintain its balance.

  • Aesthetically Appealing

Its smooth and vibrant appearance makes the Plastwood flooring aesthetically appealing for your home’s interior and exterior design.

  • Resistant to Chemicals

Given the durable body properties of the Plastwood sheet, it can fight against corrosion and even with different weathers.


  • Out of all these positive qualities of Plastwood sheet for flooring, it also has its minimal drawback. When the homeowner decides to change the color of the flooring or paint it, they will have a hard time changing it. Somehow, if the work is not done very well, it might destroy the aesthetic appeal and the beauty of your home.


When to know your home needs plastwood flooring?

By the time that you are planning to build your home, that is also the time that you plan to build a home of safety and beauty. That is the right time for you to decide on installing your own Plastwood Flooring. Remember, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” a famous line of Benjamin Franklin. So, what are you waiting for? Build a home of safety and beauty!

But the question is, “Where to find high-quality plastwood sheets for flooring?”


Where to find high-quality plastwood sheets for flooring?

Mountain brand plastwood sheet of Thai Plastwood in Thailand is one of the best Plastwood Manufacturers for they are serving the people for more than 10 Beautiful, Strong, and Durable years. For more information, kindly visit them at


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