Must-Haves in Your Golf Course Maintenance Equipment Collection

Golf Course Maintenance Equipment Collection

Whenever it comes to managing a golf course, having the right set of tools and machinery becomes highly important. In the absence of suitable golf course maintenance equipment, you literally cannot offer your members the services and facilities they look for. 

On average, the budget for maintenance of a golf course increases every consecutive year, which simply indicates that having your own set of golf course mowers and grinders is way better in the long run. So today, here we are a list of some of the most important tools that are right to bring the course on track. But, first, let’s take a quick look at them. 


Without any doubt, they are the foremost and most important thing that every course owner needs for turf maintenance. But, hold on, we just didn’t mean owing one; but to have different types to keep that fairway looking more organized and clean. Did you know that mowing involves more than half of the course’s upkeep every season? Different types of mowers you can invest in as a course manager or owner could be the Tee mowers, green golf mower, fairway mower, collar, walk-behind mower, or triplex mower. Bear in mind that each type has its features, and the rest depends on your facility size, type of turf, usage, atmosphere, location, etc. 


Basically, it is the machinery essential for keeping all the maintenance machines in order. With everyday mowing, you might need a tool that lifts or moves the machines as per the requirements; this is where a hydraulic lifter comes into the picture. For instance, there can be a situation where your mower just stops working all of a sudden or just doesn’t move at all. That is when you will feel glad that you had a lifter to remove it from the field. 


Another important used golf course equipment is the grinders that help you in several ways. Grinders like wheel grinder, reel grinder, and bed-knife grinder are the types necessary for the best class upkeep of your course. 


Apart from the grinders and golf course mowers, a utility vehicle and trailer are important to keep moving things from one place to another whenever required. After all, you won’t love it as much to spend more than half of your time walking with a mower from one corner to another. The trailer not only transports the mowers but also helps with carrying other parts and tools. When workers around the golf season have a trailer and utility vehicle, they can directly get the work done as soon as possible. 


Last but not least, blowers also come among the necessary golf course maintenance equipment that helps to remove debris, leaves, and grass cuttings from the field. You can always have a tidy fairway with blowers. Be it a backpack blower or a handheld, you need to stock both in your equipment collection. 

It is a far better idea to assign blowers to the workers, so whenever they see any grass cuttings or debris, they can just clean it instantly. 

Ultimately, having all these equipment pieces in place is something beneficial in the long run, and you don’t end up wasting time anymore. So what are you waiting for? Get your course equipment today and make the maintenance a whole lot easier than before. 

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