Online Medical Stores; Revolutionizing HealthCare in Pakistan

Modern technology has changed the world and its effects can be seen in every walk of life. Many functions of life have become easy due to the internet. And it is of no surprise that pharmacies have also gone online. An online medical store is involved in selling pharmaceutical products like non-prescription and prescription only. The process is to order the desired items from the website and get it delivered through mail.One key advantage of online pharmacy is convenience. Just hit a few keystrokes and your prescription is ready to be delivered at your doorstep. These online pharmacies are particularly beneficial for senior citizens and people who are differently abled who may have a difficulty in leaving the house.

There are hundreds of pharmacies working online. Ahmed Medico is one of them. Our online medical store in Karachi is working with the sole aim to promote public health across the whole Pakistan with its up to mark quality and standards. 

How Online Medical Store model works:

Our website will provide you the service to upload a picture of  your prescription and place your order. 

Every order that is placed is checked by our licenced pharmacist team. 

After validation from our professionals, the order is confirmed and placed from where the medicines are dispensed.

Your order is processed and ready to be shipped. 

Our speedy delivery provides the medicines in the next few hours throughout the karachi. For the rest of Pakistan it takes 2-4 days. 

We offer free delivery service for our Karachi customers.

Pros of Online Medical Store:

Ahmed Medico has made it easy to get your medicines and beauty products online. People that live far from terrestrial pharmacies, particularly elderly fellas, disabled persons, and also those who are busy in their husules get benefit from quick and secure online purchasing. The minimum delivery charges also help you save on your fuel charges.You are also about to save some major money with our free delivery service in Karachi.

With an aim to digitize pharmacy, we step ahead to create health and wellness awareness in the general public. We also pledge no compromise on the quality of our products. Our customers can also get their queries and concerns answered from our professionals.  

We are just a few clicks away. With an internet connection just head to our website, and add your prescribed medicines in the cart.  Provide your home address and your order is ready to go. If you reside in Karachi you will receive your order in a few hours. Our procedure had a few moments and saved your energy and time from travelling and waiting in the queue. 

Why spend more when you can get the same at lower prices ? Our comparatively lower prices from the market is also light on your pocket. Researches also show that when you buy medicines online they  are usually one third of the price cheaper to market rates. 

Some people find it more secure and confidential to place orders online. It helps specifically when people are hesitant to show their disease and get medicines. On top of that some are shy of face to face interactions. 

E-pharmacy will be a great solution to this trouble. 

In this time of pandemic, your safety is our priority. Our online medical store in Karachi is not compromising on your health. Our digitized system helped you to stay safe at home and get your products delivered at your doorstep. You will not have to step out of your home, resultantly decreasing your chance to contract the disease. 

All of our medicines are legal and approved by drug store authorities. Our licensed pharmacy and authentic medicines will put aside your fear of fake medicines and their consequences. Our team assures quality products and understands the prescriptions. We assist the patient in their prescription and answer their questions regarding medical issues and health conditions.  

Ahmed medico also provides consultations and provides information about medicine and their usage. Ahmed medico is a patient centered pharmacy that works closely with a team of professional pharmacists. Our diverse team helps to assure patients good health, helps to monitor and modify their intake as per health conditions. You can also get your hands on medical apparatus like blood pressure machines and glucose monitors.  

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The one roof stop also provides health supplements, beauty products and wellness goods. We also have a stock of top brands imported beauty and cosmetic products. Our website also offers discounts on a wide range of varieties helping you to save some money. 

Ahmed medico sees digital medical stores  as a positive transition in the health care system. Our hundreds of customers are using our services with a huge confidence in us. The number of customers are increasing day by day, proving that they are finding E-pharmacy more convenient than traditional local pharmacies. 

The 24-hour available online medical store in Karachi is receiving a very appreciative response. Providing pharmacy services round the clock is helping people in urgency when the local terrestrial pharmacies get closed. 

Our wide range of payment systems is also making the process fast and seamless. You can opt for cash on delivery or if you are out of cash you can select from online paying options like credit cards, easypaisa or jazzcash accounts. 

Amid the Covid-19 times, online pharmacy was a relief in this stressful life. At home delivery services will save you from social interactions and disease contraction. We deliver all the products with safety precautions. 

You can also shop Covid essentials at a very reasonable price from the market. 

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