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One Person Company (OPC) Registration have significantly increased over these years and preferred by Entrepreneurs who were earlier doing freelancing in Proprietorship Firm. This is because OPC Private Limited provides a combination of Limited liabilities Feature along with full control over the business as there is only one Member/ Shareholder in OPC type of Private Limited. However, many Entrepreneurs questions about the OPC Registration Cost charged by Indian Government. So, in this write-up we will discuss about the OPC Registration Cost.


Before heading towards the OPC Registration Cost, let us first understand the meaning of One Person Company (OPC)



According to Section 2(62) of the Companies Act, 2013:


“One Person Company” means a company which has only one person as a member. That means OPC is a company in which only one member is required to incorporate a company.


Note: While incorporating an OPC Private Limited, the single member needs to appoint a nominee who will become the member of such OPC after the death of present member. The nominee will run the company in the member’s place. Not only this, if the owner of OPC wants to change the Nominee anytime in future, he can do so with MCA.




Fees to be paid for Name Reservation of the Proposed name of the Company:


For registration of OPC Private Limited, the applicant has two options:


Option 1: To file form SPICe+ Part A for reservation of name of the company and wait for the Name approval letter from the CRC (MCA). The name so reserved is valid for the period of twenty days from the date mentioned in name approval letter subject to the submission of application for further extension (if required) for a further period of 20/40 days.


Option 2: No need to reserve the name in SPICe+ Part A. Submit the name reservation along with Form SPICe+ Part B linked with other incorporation forms.


Explanation for Option 1:

Where the applicant chooses Option 1, he has to pay fees of Rs. 1000 along the SPICe+ Part A to the MCA Department only for Reservation of Name. Once the application is filed and approved by the CRC, the name is approved for twenty days. However, before the expiry od said twenty days, the applicant may extend the period of name reservation from twenty days to Forty or Sixty days subject to the payment of fees of Rs. 1000 or Rs. 2000 as the case may be.


Fees for filing Application for Registration in SPICe+ Form:


The fees of SPICe+ form depend upon the Nominal value of Authorized Share Capital of the Company. Where the company does not have share capital, the form fees will depend upon the Number of Members in the Company at the time of Incorporation of the Company.

However, the latter case (Number of Members in the Company) is not relevant here as “One Person Company” means a company which has only one person as a member.


The fees liable to be paid by the applicant may be classified as follows:

  • Filing fee for SPICe+ form
  • Registration fee for MoA
  • Registration fee for AoA
  • Stamp duty as applicable for SPICe+/ MoA/ AoA


  1. Filing fee for SPICe+ form: The fees of SPICe+ Form can be calculated as under:


Nominal (Authorized) Share Capital Applicable Fees
Up to 15,00,000 N.A
Exceeding 15,00,000 Rs. 500


Note: It is worthful to note that the Fees for SPICe+ Form is NIL up to the Authorised share capital of Rs. 15,00,000. This is one of the initiatives taken by the Government to promote the Incorporation of the Companies in India.


  1. Registration fee for Memorandum of Association (MoA): To promote the small entrepreneur including OPC, the Government of India has prescribed the slab-based fees for MoA registration. This fee structure is progressive in nature, that means the increase in Nominal share capital of the Company will result in increase in the Registration fees of MoA. To know about the actual fees structure, refer to the table mentioned below:


Nominal Share capital OPC and Small Companies
Fixed Fees Fees for every 10,000 or Part thereof
Up to 15,00,000 N.A. N.A.
More than 15,00,000 up to 50,00,000 12000+ 200
More than 50,00,000 up to 1,00,00,000 1,56,000 + 100
More than 1,00,00,000 2,06,000 + 75


  1. Registration fee for Articles of Association (AOA): Same as Registration fees of MoA, the fees structure of AoA registration is also progressive in nature. However, the fees are determined by the Nominal share capital of the Company.


The nature of the company i.e., small company/ OPC/ other companies is irrelevant here. The following tables are produced for better understanding of the fees structure:

Nominal Share Capital Applicable Fees
Up to 15,00,000 N.A.
15,00,001 to 24,99,999 Rs. 400
25,00,000 to 99,99,999 Rs. 500
1,00,00,000 or more Rs. 600


  1. Stamp duty as applicable for SPICe+/ MoA/ AoA: Stamp duty is the matter of State Government. Hence, stamp duty varies from state to state as per the Stamp Duty Act.




When the applicant uploads the Incorporations Forms on the MCA, he gets the option to either pay fees at that moment or to pay such fees Later with Pay later Challan. If applicant want to pay fees later, he has to choose the option of “Pay Later” provided by MCA. The Service Request Number (SRN) is generated through which the applicant can pay the fees of that Form.


Point to be considered: For your Information, Incorporation forms are uploaded as Linked Forms. For the payment of complete Incorporation form two Challans are generated. Among these two challans, the former challan contains the payment of Incorporation Fees, MoA, AoA, PAN, TAN and the latter challan is for the payment of Stamp duty with respect to the incorporation form, MoA & AoA.


In the above article, we have tried to cover the entire fee structure which is required to pay for the OPC Registration. If you still have questions unanswered; we at Compliance Calendar LLP; have the dedicated team of Professionals who can guide you with respect to the entire OPC Registration process including the fees’ structure. You may also book a consultation by mailing us at or say hi at 9988424211 and someone from our team will reach out to you. We will be happy to support you in your private limited company registration economically and in best possible price.

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