If someone asked you to close your eyes, picture the interior of your car, and pick your favorite part, what would you pick?

Since we’re not gifted with the magical abilities of David Blaine, we can’t tell what you’ll pick. But what we can say for sure is that it’s not the shift boot. Yes, we’re talking about that drab, factory-fitted piece of vinyl wrapped around the gear stick in your car.

We’re not sure how car manufacturers came to a census about putting the same generic shift boot in all cars, but let’s be honest – it’s pretty dull. Can you imagine everybody wearing the same dark shade of shoes at all times? Exactly!

So if you’re interested in adding a splash of you to the interior of your ride, you’re going to love what the folks at LovetoShift are doing.

What Makes a Custom Shift Boot So Special

Personalizing your car’s interior is all about making it yours. Think of it this way: What makes your home feel like yours?

Apart from your loved ones, what turns a house into a home are all the tiny personal touches. Something as little as a special rug, painting, plant, or even a sticker can bring you endless joy and make the place feel like it’s truly yours.

It’s the same story with a shift boot. Not only does a custom boot liven up your car’s interior, but it gives you the chance to truly own your ride by putting a bit of “you” in it. You get to express yourself and make a statement by choosing a design that resonates with you.

Of course, you can achieve this in a hundred different ways, ranging from a custom-made steering wheel to an all-out assault of colors through your car’s interior elements. But what makes the shift boot special is that it’s small enough to not be tacky but big enough to make a statement.

Your handpicked design goes smack dab in the middle of your car, visible from all angles yet overpowering from none. The subtlety, in our opinion, is what makes this the perfect interior personalization choice.

Apart from bringing some color in your car, quirky little patterns in your view, and a healthy dose of joy into every trip, these boots makes for a great conversation starter. Seriously, it takes a supernatural level of willpower to resist talking about these bad boys when someone sees them for the first time! Check out the many designs we have to offer.

How LovetoShift Can Help

Getting an artist to design a custom cover from scratch and match the exact dimensions of your shift is going to cost a small fortune. It’s safe to say that it’s outside the budget of most people.

That’s why we love what the folks at LovetoShift are doing. They have found the perfect middle ground that gives you the bespoke shift boot experience without the bespoke price tag.

Thanks to the universal application, our products work for literally every car out there. The whole installation process takes less than a minute. It can’t get any easier than this!

Better yet, every piece they offer is a made-to-order product. What that means is that every order is handmade by their team before it’s shipped out. While this adds 3-4 days of processing, the wait is worth every minute because of the quality of these covers.

If you’re ready to add a little splash of color and dose of your personality to your ride, check out the wide array of designs available at LovetoShift’s online store.

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