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Painting at home and anti-stress painting tips

Painting at home

Painting at home and anti-stress painting tips. Finding a few free meters to paint in peace is very often complicated. For this reason, some time ago, we published a guide to organizing a small painting studio at home. A Med study in 2014 stated that the average home of Italians measures 117 square meters. Well, not bad, right? Yet, many people still struggle to find a suitable space in the house to paint. Often our apartments are complete, and to paint without stress you need space: a square meter between the sofa and the coffee table is not enough! Today we want to give some suggestions to those who want to make art in their apartment, indeed, 12 tips to paint at home without stress!

Tips for painting at home: Plan everything

What does it mean that you have to plan everything before painting indoors? It’s straightforward: the better the arrangement of the painting accessories and drawing ideas, the more comfortable it will be to paint, and the less time you will have to waste after cleaning the spaces and accessories used. It means that you will need to know from the start where the containers with the thinner should be, the brushes, the colors, and so on. The smaller the upstream organization, the greater the stress!

Via animals and children

To paint well and in peace, you need to count on a truly peaceful environment. It is up to you to decide whether or not to put on some music; undoubtedly, however, screaming children and animals in need of attention will not be able to help you do a good job. Therefore, any minor siblings must be gently removed from the room, that the children must be entrusted if possible to their partner or older siblings, and that dogs and cats, if not pleasantly asleep, must remain away.

A window for ventilation

This advice is aimed above all for those who paint with oil colors: in this case, a window to air the room is an absolute obligation due to the very nature of oil colors and some auxiliaries. However, we believe that even those who paint with acrylics, tempera, or watercolors, after all, might like a little fresh air from time to time.

A window, for the light.

We have already pointed this out elsewhere: to paint, you need to have the right light and, in most cases, the best possible light is the natural one. Hence, the window is used for ventilation and to illuminate the room in a homogeneous and suffused way, which most standard artificial lights cannot do. If it is possible to choose between several rooms, it is always better to opt for a space with a large window!

Smaller canvases

Painting at home

Painting indoors, in most cases, means painting in relatively tight spaces. It might be trivial, but not everyone has thought about it: those with little space available should leave the larger canvases to others, opting for smaller canvases to paint so as not to have the impression of “filling” all the space available with the canvas. It is certainly not the size of the canvas that determines the effectiveness of the painting (and those who flock to the vast canvases of the Louvre to admire the 77 × 53 centimeters of the Mona Lisa should know something).

Try watercolors

Painting at home means, inevitably, spending a lot of time organizing the space and then, at the end of the session, spending a little more to put everything back in order and clean everything. It reduces the time available, which can be a problem in oil colors, with their management a tad laborious: to try something more immediate, to paint even when you have little time, you can try watercolors!

Paint from photos

Those who paint at home, in most cases, cannot count on a live landscape, on some exotic animal to portray, and so on. But there are no problems: the photographs arrive to help the painter, collected by tearing them from magazines, postcards, or the web, without forgetting the photos taken in person and then added to one’s archive.

Space to walk

Beyond the apparent claustrophobic effect it could create, those who don’t hang out in the world of brushes might think that it is possible to paint even in the confined space of a walk-in closet or an elevator. As artists well know, however, this is not the case. To become aware of your painting, to give balance and harmony, not to mistake the proportions, and so on, it is essential to move around the canvas, from one side and the other, and then move away from it to see the painting from afar. Hence, when painting at home, it is essential to count on a bit of space to move sufficiently.

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Don’t throw away the old sheets

They help those who paint the apartment, protect the floor and furniture, and help those who paint in the apartment, always to protect floors, walls, tables, and chairs. We are talking about old sheets and other pieces of fabric, perfect to be placed under the easel and in other places that could be subject to drops and splashes of color. It will also reduce the time spent cleaning the makeshift studio!

Use the right tripod

Depending on the space available, it is good to have the proper easel to paint at home. The best is constituted by the studio easel, large, stable, and spacious. This accessory, however, is rather bulky, and not everyone has enough space; therefore, it can be folded up for a table easel, to be placed on top of a table, duly protected with sheets of newspaper.

Photograph your painting

Those who can paint in a studio can always leave their work in plain sight, on the easel. Whoever paints at home, for example, in the living room or bedroom, is inevitably forced very often to “hide” the picture between one session and another.

Go out!

Are you tired of painting at home? Then the next canvas, weather permitting, you should paint it outdoor with a country easel, taking advantage of the terrace, the garden, or perhaps an exceptionally spacious balcony!

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