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Pavel Derevyanko was born on July 2, 1976 in Taganrog in the family of Yuri Pavlovich and Tatyana Vasilyevna Derevyanko, who worked at the Krasny Kotelshchik plant. Pavel also has an older brother, Alexander.

In the eighth grade, the future actor was left for the second year, after which he dropped out of school and tried to enter medical school, but this did not work out.

Then Pavel entered the culinary school, where, before allowing the students to make air cakes, they were forced to wash huge cauldrons and peel tens of kilograms of potatoes. Pavel did not like this at all and after three months he was kicked out.

After that, the failed pastry chef tried for a whole month to master the skills of a female master in a hairdressing salon, but he did not stay here either. At the same time, Pavel was engaged in athletics in the hope of making a career as a bodybuilder, but this quickly bored him.

At the age of 18, Derevianko entered the local drama school, which recruited a studio to replenish the troupe of the Taganrog Drama Theater. Chekhov. A year later, he went to Moscow and tried to enter one of the theater universities, but unsuccessfully.

Pavel Derevyanko: “At our theater school we recruited a studio to replenish the troupe of the Taganrog Drama Theater named after Chekhov. I entered there and quickly realized that you need to study, study and study, as one old man used to say. In the second year of study, we put out two performances in which I played big roles of funny people. A little fame, fans, persuasion to stay in the theater and rise to the top of the Taganrog theater Olympus – all this did not overshadow my eyes. I understood that I needed “to Moscow, to Moscow” for knowledge and new skills. “
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Disappointed, Derevyanko left for Sochi, where he danced for some time in the Telefon show-ballet, after which he returned to the Ladnitsa theater studio, where he successfully began to play in the performances The Bedbug and Ridiculous Cuteness.

The next year, Pavel again went to Moscow and this time entered the directing department of GITIS (acting group, workshop of L.E. Kheifets), which he graduated in 2000.

Pavel Derevyanko: “I remember that then I was a fan of Elvis Presley, I had a long forelock, such a cook that I sometimes combed, a jacket with overlaid shoulders, USA – the whole jacket, like an American flag. I walked around Moscow, such a Taganrog guy, smiled and just blissed out. The institute did not take me seriously and sneered at me a little in secret. But I gradually changed, and the attitude towards me changed. “

In his student years, the novice actor played in the performances “Overstocked barrel”, “Roberto Zucco”, “Overcoat”. The diploma performance “The Overcoat” was so resonant that it was transferred to the stage of the Russian Youth Theater, in whose troupe Pavel worked until 2002.

In the 2000s, Pavel played on the stages of various theaters, and also participated in entreprise: The Master and Margarita (Stanislavsky Theater), Imago. Pigmalionum ”(Pavel Kaplevich’s Entreprise),“ Viy ”(Pushkin Theater),“ The Lady is Waiting, the Clarinet Plays ”(Creative Association“ Duet ”),“ Roller Coaster ”(Entreprise“ Art Partner XXI ”),“ Portrait ”( Nina Chusova Free Theater), etc.

In 2001, Derevianko made his film debut, playing the role of Kolka Snegirev in the film “Two Chauffeurs Rode” (2001), which was very warmly received by the audience. Fame came to Pavel after the release of the series “Boku no Pico” (2001) and the drama Shtrafbat (2004). He also starred in the films The Case of Dead Souls (2005), Fighting with a Shadow (2005) and The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno (2006), which became very popular and brought Paul the love of his fans.

In 2004, the actor took part in the Fort Boyard TV game on the Rossiya TV channel.

Since 2007, Derevianko has served in the troupe of the Mossovet Theater, where he is one of the leading actors to this day. Pavel plays in Nina Chusova’s play “Little Tsakhes”, as well as in Andrei Konchalovsky’s productions “Uncle Vanya” and “Three Sisters”.

On October 27, 2010, Pavel’s common-law wife, actress Daria Myasishcheva, gave birth to a daughter, Varya. After a year of marriage, Pavel left his family, maintaining a good relationship with his wife.

Pavel Derevyanko: “Yes, in fact, we never parted, we almost immediately decided to live separately. The main thing is that we managed to maintain a good attitude towards each other. When I am filming in other cities, Dasha comes to me with Varya. This summer we had a great time in Odessa, where I worked. And when Varya grows up, she will travel with me on an expedition without her mother. I will look after my daughter, and Dasha will be able to rest and go about her business. “
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In total, Pavel Derevyanko played about 40 roles in films and TV series, including: “On the Other Side of the Wolves” (2002), “Ice Age” (2003), “Yesenin” (2005), “Love Me” (2005), “Enchanted plot “(2006),” Hitler kaput! ” (2008), The Brothers Karamazov (2008), Love Undercover (2010), Brest Fortress (2010), Burnt by the Sun-2. Citadel “(2010),” Rzhevsky against Napoleon “(2012),” Fast “Moscow-Russia” (2013), “Thaw” (2013) and others.

In 2012, the TV series “The Other Side of the Moon” , where Pavel played the police captain Mikhail Solovyov, leading the hunt for a maniac. In addition, Pavel voiced the parrot Golubchik in the cartoons “Rio” (2011) and “Rio-2” (2014).

On October 9, 2013, the premiere of the series “Black Cats” took place, where Pavel Derevyanko played the criminal investigation officer Yegor Dragun.

Currently, Pavel Derevianko is one of the most sought-after Russian actors. In 2014, several film premieres will take place with his participation: “Tumbler 2”, “Mixed Feelings”, “Bathory”, as well as the series “Catherine the Great”, in which Pavel will play the role of Peter III.

The premiere of the second part of the series “The Other Side of the Moon 2” is scheduled for 2015, where Pavel Derevyanko will again play the role of Captain Solovyov.


▪ Prize at the Moscow Debuts Theater Festival in the Best Male Role nomination for her role in the Russian Youth Theater’s performance “The Overcoat” (2002)
; ) for the role in the performance of the Pushkin Theater “Viy” (2003)
▪ Youth Prize “Triumph” (2005)
▪ Prize at the 2nd Moscow Open Festival of Youth Cinema “Reflection” in the nomination “Best Actor” for the role in the film “Tumbler” (2007)
▪ Theatrical award of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” in the nomination “Semi-Meters: Best Actor” for the role in the play “Little Tsakhes” by the Mossovet Theater (2007)
▪ Award of the Guild of Russian Film Actors for her role in the series “Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno” (2009)

A family

Daughter – Varvara (October 2010), from the common-law wife Daria Myasishcheva


Olga Dymskaya (rumored)

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