Portable breast pumps to choose from


Spectra 9 plus breast pumps come as small double electric pumps made by Spectra. The pump is so compact it can serve as a travel companion. The pump has powerful yet comfortable suction with ten different levels. It functions with a built-in rechargeable battery. These breast pumps can be used for single and double pumping.

Features of the Spectra 9 plus breast pumps

●     The pretty LED display gives you complete information about what your breast pump is presently doing.

  • The gentle suction is available in its highest setting. In its expression mode, the pump makes a vibration to show how a baby sucks followed by a long suction.
  • This pump has a 5 level massage mode and ten adjustable expressions. You have more advantages than the Spectra M1, with five adjustable suction levels.
  • The Spectra 9 pump is a closed-system pump. The pump motor can not become contaminated with breast milk. Spectra 9 has a pair of back-flow protectors preventing milk from entering the pump tubing. Therefore, you have a hygienic pump and a durable pump motor.
  • There is a battery indicator while the pump expresses milk or is recharged.
  • The pump can automatically shut off after thirty minutes. This safety feature is great for multitasking mothers. If you forget to turn off the pump, it can shut down itself.
  • The rechargeable battery lasts up to ninety minutes, thirty minutes for three sessions. It is a good option for a whole day if you are an on-the-go mom or go to work. Battery life is strong and great for travelers.
  • Spectra 9 plus pump has a let-down mode and expression mode.
  • The pump is easily switched between single and double with the T-connector. You do not need to switch between double and single pumping. Just unplug the new tubing.
  • The S9+ saves your last pump setting, and there is no need to change the suction level when pumping breast milk.

The Elvie Stride electric breast pump

This breast pump is designed to move along with you. It is easy to set up for double or single pumping. With this breast pump, users are free from sockets and tangled wires. Hence, the discreet expression of mothers without compromise on pumping performance. Mothers can connect the Elvie Stride double electric breast pump to the free app. Users can control the pump from a distance, save preferred settings and save pumping history.

The Elvie breast pump is an improved model. A portion of this pump is covered by insurance, and the user pays the remaining upgrade feeremaining upgrade fee is paid by the user.

Features of the Elvie breast pump

This portable pump features a rechargeable battery that is not covered by insurance.

The pump offers convenience and mobility to enable you to pump when you need to, not just at home.

The pump features an AC wall adapter to provide power to the portable pump.

The Baby Buddha hands-free pump

The Baby Buddha is the world’s smallest and most portable breast pump currently available in the market. The breast pump uses a flexible battery that you can charge at home and on the go. The Baby Buddha breast pumps design allows you to pump both sides simultaneously. It features simple parts and is easy to use remotely.

Most notable are the compact, light, and easy-to-use features. It is simply designed for a walkabout while pumping.

The overall cost of the Buddha pump ranges from $189 to $250 as this pump is meant to be your main breast pump, not some extra pump like some smaller profile pumps are. Insurance plans are available to cover some or all of the cost, including a payment plan if required. There are several hands-free breast pumps on the online market.  It could be a difficult choice to shop or request a pump before your baby is born. The Baby Buddha Pump provides a hands-free, productivity-supporting pump that utilizes modern technology. It comes with an ultra-slim profile to help new moms get the most out of each pumping session.


Many similarities are seen between the Spectra 9+, Elvie Stride double electric breast pump, and Baby Buddha breast pumps. You can easily note the portable, safe, comfortable, powerful, and easy to clean features. New nursing moms are left to choose the breast pump that most suits their needs.

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