Precise Requirements For Georgia Contractor Exam Prep For Various Categories

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Before a contractor may bid for a project, he is required to get a license. To get a trade license, he must pass a certain number of exams. At Rockerct, we offer the best Georgia Contractor Exam Prep packages for many contractors. Plumbers and air-conditioned contractors are needed to pass their exams. 

The state requires all contractors to pass a business law exam to ensure they are ready for the market. We are reliable partners in offering contractors the best training before their exams. 

Besides, if you need a license that is not listed on the official website of the state of Georgia, contact us. We are ready to assist you.

Exam Prep for Business & Law Contractor Licensing

Contractors are required to pass a test in law and business. All Residential light commercial, General, and residential contractors must pass their test before their license. 

We offer the best training in the subjects to ensure contractors pass their exams on the first attempt. Our training materials can be accessed on our online platform to allow self-paced learning.

Licenses that can be achieved with the exam

General building contractor license

Under this license, contractors can engage in commercial, private, public, industrial, and institutional building construction.

Residential Basic Contractor License

A contractor holding this type of license can work on buildings that can have one or two families. The townhouses should not exceed three stories in height.

Residential Light Commercial Contractor License

Contractors holding this license can carry works by the residential basic contractor and construct structures that can hold several houses. The contractors may work on light commercial structures.

Journeyman/Master Plumbing Exam Prep and Licensing

Plumbers are not exempted from acquiring a license before trading any work in the State of Georgia. We offer plumbers the best training to guarantee to pass their exam and get their license. 

Our course is backed by the no pass no pay policy to guarantee all our clients the passing of their exams. Make Rockcert your partner and you are assured of getting the Georgia Plumbing License in a record time.

Scope of Work Done Under this License

Journeyman plumber license: plumbers holding this license have the expertise to install plumbing accessories under the cover of a master plumber.

Master plumber class I license: Under this license, a contractor can work on air conditioner installation and fixing under implied contracts.

Master Plumber Class II license: Contractors holding this license can work on units of various sizes and perform works on air-conditioned systems under implied or express contracts.

Electrical Contractor License and Exam Prep

Before any electrical work can be undertaken by a contractor, the state of Georgia demands they gain a license. Make Rockert your home and we shall work to ensure you gain your Georgia electrical contractor license within a short time. Our exam prep package ensures you gain practical knowledge and pass your exam on the first attempt.

Scope of Work Under this License

Holders of electrical contractor license classes I and II can bid and trade work on conditioned air contract services under an implied contract. The class license allows contractors to work in bigger units.

Make Rockcert your home and you are assured of passing all your exams by the first attempt. Besides, our packages allow self-pacing and they are affordable.

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