Questions You Should Ask Your Health Insurance Advisor About Medicare Plans


With the availability of various health insurance plans, choosing the right option gets tricky. So, you should ask certain questions to the advisor to select the best supplemental health plans in your budget suited to your requirements. With the information available, you can compare different plans and pick the option that meets all your needs.

But what are the questions you should ask your health insurance advisor? Find them below:

Will the Plan Save Money When You Are Healthy?

If you don’t intend to use a plan frequently, keep an eye on the recurring costs to understand if there are money-saving possibilities. As it’s difficult to plan for unforeseen circumstances, consider the care cost if required.

You should also ask the medical health insurance plans advisor about the monthly premium, doctor visit charges, emergency service costs, and copays. Before choosing a plan, you need to ensure it fits your budget.

Will You Be Able to Afford the Health Insurance Plan When You Are Sick?

When you need to use the insurance plan frequently, you need to ensure that care is received at an affordable price. Aim to strike a balance between planned expenses (such as monthly premiums and deductibles) and unplanned expenses such as (coinsurance and copays).

You need to know the amount to pay before the plan starts working and your costs like hospital stay and X-ray. Ask about the maximum amount that you need to pay next year and if you can afford it.

Does This Plan Cover Your Doctors?

Companies offering medical health insurance in the US work with many clinics and doctors, so you get the best deals. You save money when you receive care from a place/person covered by a plan. If you get care somewhere else, you pay high bills as your health plan pays a lesser amount.

Before visiting medical centers and doctors, you should check that the health insurance plan covers them. Enquire about the type and coverage network, payment to visit a doctor not covered by the plan, beyond network care costs, and if you can switch locations or doctors to include the wanted ones in your network.

How is the Prescription Drug Coverage of This Plan?

Prescription drug costs get added, and thus, you should check the plan coverage. If you ask about it, you get to know the cost of drugs that are covered. This helps you to set your budget for the drugs you take and may consume in the future.

You should also ask how much you should pay for prescriptions, which pharmacies are in your network, the convenience of locations and timing, and plan approval is needed for prescription filling.

How Would This Plan Help in Alternative Treatment?

You may wish to have babies at your home, visit a chiropractor and opt for acupuncture. Different supplemental health plans cover alternative treatment in various ways.

Some insurance plans cover no or little alternative treatment facilities. If you need that, check the cost of alternative therapies, any type of alternative medicine cost-sharing, and the comfort of opting for other treatment options.

What are the Additional Perks and Benefits of This Plan?

Medical insurance plans are not only about drug and medical coverage but extra benefits and perks that help you save money yet boost health. Ask the advisors if you get instructions from health coaches, discounts at the grocery store or gym membership, and visits to an online clinic without investing anything.

Find out if the plan offers any additional benefits that other insurance plans don’t. Ask if you get to enjoy these extra benefits which you care about.

Will This Plan Suit You if Your Priorities Change?

Your medical requirements may change because of your life changes. When you know how your plan grows, you can make a lucrative initial decision. This helps you to understand how various changes affect your insurance coverage.

Ask the medical health insurance plans advisor about the consequences of getting a job and moving to other locations. You should know what happens if you or any family member develops a critical health disorder and undergo a significant change in the future.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the questions you should ask companies offering medical health insurance in the US before choosing a plan. Once you get the answers from them, make an intelligent decision accordingly.

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